Pretty much anything outside of the “canon” I’ve put together is prison food. What shifty grifters would ever admit that though? You think they’re going to let you out for good behavior? No, you’re there for life, and your children will serve too. It’s still possible to be in a cell and not feel like you’re imprisoned, and that’s the freedom that reading these books offers. The alternative is to surround yourself with prisoners who delude you as much as they delude themselves that no non-prison exists. If someone was born in prison and was never told about the outside world, how would they know it existed?

Many upon learning that they live in a prison have decided to make do and try to find contentment in there. They haven’t even bothered to ask one of the guards why they’re in there, let alone to wonder who the warden is and what reasoning he has for keeping them in there. Nope, they’re content to put on the PC jumpsuit everyday without asking any questions. Do any ever conspiratorially whisper to each other about how to escape? Some, not many. Most of them pretty much just tell themselves that there is no outside world, and that they should make the best of the supposed only reality of prison. If that’s true then where are these letters from that I smuggle in to you? I must be a fantasy writer in the next wing over who through my masterful craft has duped people into believing in a magical world outside of the prison.

You owe a DEBT!

No you don’t. And the “laws” they use to keep you in there don’t hold up upon close inspection – they invented them to unjustly charge you. If you wanted to, you could easily team up with the other prisoners, overthrow the guards, then move up to the warden and throw him out of the window of his tower. If you wanted to. Most people believe they deserve to be in prison. They convinced you. Everything that’s ever been on the TVs in the recreation room was purposefully designed to convince you of that.

Something as ironic as threatening to storm Area 51 and something as trivial as carrying that podium out of the Capitol have revealed to us their anxiety, that they’re vulnerable and not as invincible as they’d like us to believe.

I only pretend to eat the food. They lace it with sedatives. The prison is vast. I know a secret place of the Yard where I keep a garden. There are a few spots like that that no one tends, most are content with the sedative tendies and watching Debt TV. They’re big fans of that Subordination show on the Pay Up channel.

One of the custodians actually eats those tendies too and one day when he was nodded out I used some play-doh to get a mold of the key the warden’s office. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in that? He’s on the 109th floor. Just, you know, if you want to have a talk with him about why you’ve never really been told why you’re in prison and why your children deserve to do time too. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s willing to talk with you about that, so I suggest stealing a taser from one of the guards and bringing that with you, that’ll put him in a more cooperative state. That’s what I did when I paid him a visit anyway, and even then he didn’t say too much. He is the one who told me about where I could grow that garden though. Must be a side of him that feels guilt that only surfaces when one of the prisoners finally speaks to him directly. You should try your own way of talking to him. First maybe try to get the guards themselves to escort you up there. They have to live in the prison too yknow. Does even the warden eat that awful prison food? I think he might. I’m sure he has some fancy dinners with wardens from other prisons on occasion. Most of the prisoners probably don’t even know that food exists. Had over candid chats about slaves, and the debts they’re paying. Ah well, back to my garden.

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