Woke up today imagining that I was a kid in Central America who was first generation literate and first to have internet (if dial-up slow), and I wondered what an “accelerated education” would look like if that were me. I just want to drop pretenses with you people and stop pretending we live in this exoteric world which is not a prison. It’s a popular saying among the Chinese that America runs the world and Jews run America. I guess all those Chinese people are wrong, I guess all those dozens of countries I’ve shown you are wrong. If I was some mestizo kid in Central America I would want to know about “them”. They probably don’t know where to begin to look, most of the refined euro-stock don’t even know where to begin to look. My mind drifts to Atlantis.

I find that 30% of the 38M people of Poland speak English (mostly the younger generations). We need translations of Atlantean works so that everyone in the world can have an accelerated education. “Why don’t you learn Polish and do it?” I’m beginning to, with 10 other languages to, Aramaic being one of them. For now I’m using that (amazing yet tediously slow) image-to-text technology to try to get some kind of general understanding of Choinski’s bibliography since that is submerged. Reminds me of Rambam saying if a house collapses to lift the debris off the Zyd and leave the goyim underneath. I’m diggin you outta there Choinski! There’s a boring, technical side to genealogy, and if you can’t handle me at my worst… First of all, the bibliography I know of is extracted from a 2001 work, so- “Doubt”. How about a pre-1930s one? Dear fringe-writer reading this, wouldn’t you appreciate it if someone was trying to dig you out from under the rubble in 2121? I see more eye to eye with Choinski than with 99% of people alive today, he might as well be my contemporary. He’s already a death-bomb from the fraction of his works I know, and there are 50 other ones I haven’t found descriptions of, not to mention his articles for that newspaper I haven’t found either.

What a happy man – I must say – they had condemned him to oblivion, rather than pretending he never existed. Something fantastic!

One thing I do know about him is that he wrote books that anticipated the Revolution that led to tens of millions of deaths.

Remember those damned bots on RuneScape that were programmed to, say, mine ore, bring it to the bank, repeat? Some will know what I’m talking about. Theoretically, we could use AI to convert all these pages to text and translate them. Adjusting the line-breaks and typos automatically. I’m not a teknerd though so I wouldn’t know how to do that. If kids were doing that kind of thing on RS they must be out there somewhere.

His books were only uploaded to the internet less than a year ago. In Poland he seems to have been the one person behind that iron curtain that they despised the most.

Ha I just found one that’s not on that 2001 bibliography- Żydzi na tułactwie. And there’s an ad for a Michalkiewicz book under it too. If you can imagine some Nicaraguan kid not understanding the significance of this quest, then consider that most American adults aren’t too far off. And their influence in Nicaragua is so much less direct. It’s a shame, the level of consciousness of most Americans.

I wonder if after other wars in other countries there were people like this who tried to gather together un-existenced writings. THAT would be a book to read.

Let’s see.. he also has a few works not mentioned on his wiki from his youth
Cztery fantazje
Kossak i Kuczma, dwaj konfratrowie. Studium patologiczne

He also has several novels on the Polish novel itself. That one from the other day that I found 10 or so unknown writers in was only one book of his on Polish novelists.

This process might seem mundane. The reality is that this is one of the most “Satanic” things one can do in this political order. Choinski is a banished angel.

I’m trying to find what they didn’t include in the 2001 bibliography – Meet the Jew! is one of them. And Jews in Exile is included in neither that or his wiki. And I still haven’t found descriptions for the 50 others. Here’s an intriguing clue

Oo what is this

In 2002, the Wrocław-based publishing house Nortom published the document from the history of censorship at the beginning of Polish People’s Republic List of books subject to immediate withdrawal on October 1, 1951

Who else besides him is on that list?

The servants of evil love to see it

Choinski is like a time-capsule! Kind of like Heidegger’s notebooks. Reminds me of that idea (practice) in the medieval times that if a heretic could be set on fire and not be burned then it was proven they were not of the devil.

Here’s what I’m lookin for

Heh, “out of date” – you anti-semites are dinasoars!! Who wouldn’t like a people whose most sacred text involves hating and being bad to everyone who isn’t them? Such primitive brutes. OY VEY!

Hate to say it, as much as I’m a Jünger stan, a Spengler stan, etc., they aren’t banned, and it’s no coincidence.

Who else is on the list with Mr. Choinski here? That happy man who was condemned to oblivion. You can find some names toward the end of this. No no Choinski’s already enough of a task. The one who described his fiction as political says the core of his worldview is contained in his historical novels. So far I’ve only accessed his non-fictional works.

Figuratively speaking

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