2,500 titles were immediately destroyed in the paper mills in 1951.

How many of those were children’s books, I dunno, those might be interesting too though – kids these days gotta read somethin. What does it say about my country if I’m looking for pre-Stalinist literature from other countries. I’m not kidding when I say that I’d like to find those newspaper articles of Choinski’s and read them in place of the actual news. I like to read the news, just not “their” news. Anyway, found another one of his books that’s not included in bibliographies.

I think of women as similar to that hypothetical first generation literate Nicaraguan kid. They’re too proud to admit it so it’s not even worth telling them. I’ve gotten so disillusioned with them over the last ten years. When I was a teenager I remember all the pretty girls seemed to be over-achievers, in all the AP classes and stuff, and I truly thought they were better than me, and I believed feminism was real. I’m so far away from that naivete now. The majority are one step above animals pretty much. You can’t just magically have equality. You can’t just tell people they’re equal and have it be true. I try to help them mature, and I’m not sure I’m made much progress. It’s sad, tragically so. I think they have to start when they’re young and maybe then they’ll have a chance of being less of “eternal teenagers”. I don’t know what you girls were reading and watching when you were little, I just somehow doubt it was good for your development into adulthood. I’m just trying to tell you, I doubt you’re going to be happy to hear this. Don’t you care about how your daughters are going to turn out though? Besides some exceptions here and there I mostly see people who never grew up. It’s like for serious political or religious discussions they take with them the same mindset they have sitting in a nail salon or something. No one wants to listen to that hen blabber. Certainly not gonna deem it “equal” to the words of more serious people (who tend to be males). Like I’ve said, prove me wrong and tell me your thoughts about the Pale, or about the philosophy of religion or something like that and then I’ll warm up to a woman president. And I highly doubt you’re going to stop acting like the world is a nail salon.

I’m sure people are as sick of me as I am sick of them. No, impossible, I’m at least 100x more sick of you. Then if there’s a “primal scene” on the male side of things, I imagine dudes watching the game, eating wings, and just bein dudes ya know. There’s a place for that level of discourse, then there are graver matters to discuss once in a while at least. I don’t think many really get the perception of emptiness. Probably because they themselves are too engulfed by that emptiness. Lots of things need to change in our society in order to dispel the subtle woe that consumes so many. And cosmetic adjustments aren’t going to do it. Saddam was on to something, speaking as Abraham. We need to go back to the beginning. Presupposing Judaeo-Christian axioms is only going to perpetuate the downward cycle toward the nadir of absolute valuelessness. There are things to learn from our tradition, our past religion and current secular one, then there’s another level where we need a clean slate altogether. Looking at the system in place with Judaeo-Christian spectacles is only going to result in deriving cosmetic solutions. We need cosmic solutions, what I call eighth circuit, a God’s-eye-view that perceives both YHWH and the Christian God as lesser deities. One can refine themselves and deprogram to get to that vantage-point through studying some of these works that are the devil to the Judaeo-Christian crowd. I call on the rabbis, I call on the priests, I call on the professors, to abandon their degrading role in the nihilism industry, and join this cause of rethinking things from the ground up, from the UR drawing-board. I doubt they will, the numb cogs that they are. That’s the main way that civilization is destroyed- they recruit the best minds at an early age into their decadent institutions, thus preemptively defusing any possible external threat to them. Be a traitor, be a human, they want to keep you at certain blind, bovine circuits of consciousness that only preserve and strengthen their malevolent rule.

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