I think of them as a boss that I never agreed to work for and who pays me in the opposite of money. Most people are familiar with that submissive attitude one has in the presence of a boss. Better not question them, better be extra polite, even if part of you feels like you’re suspending your dignity by doing so. They’re the boss above bosses, the cultural boss. We were born to work for their business. At least that’s the impression they give us, without directly saying it. I didn’t fill out an application to be a employee of theirs, did you? What does your paycheck from them look like? Are you paid in self-loathing, the destruction of your homeland? I’m not going to be submissive to a boss like that. Maybe if I thought they were running a good business I’d fall in line. The Jew, CEO of Life, inc. Call me crazy, maybe we need a new corporation that pays its employees in meaningful lives. The most telling quality of their corruption is that most people are submissive toward their boss when he isn’t even around. Unless people have secret lives where they joke about him behind his back while they’re in the sanctuary of their own home? If I had to guess, they’re unduly respectful to him even there. There are no documents you’ve signed that make you his employee, and no tangible pay. He is the boss in the realm of spirit. You can stop working for him without having to cancel a contract or anything, because that contract doesn’t exist, it’s all in your mind. What progress has actually been made during the last 70 years under his watch? Have you ever read stuff from the 50s? Seems like they were doing better than us now.

I think that’s the closest parallel you can get though- that submissive attitude one has with a boss. And we’re so born into it that we don’t realize it. I think people get mad at me because it’s so foreign to me, simply because I’m socially retarded probably. I don’t understand, I’m not going to talk to him like he’s my subordinate. He runs a lobotomy business, how can I respect the man? People work all their lives for him and that’s what they get? Going into retirement they can smile knowing their grandchildren will be more braindead and submissive than they were. No thanks, I quit, it’s not even ethical to be part of that business. It’s like working in an atheism factory. Operating a forklift to lower palettes of human spirits down to the ground-level. Submissiveness before the one who orders you to create living products of degradation. Anyone who’s monopolized an industry–even if it’s the industry of life itself–is prone to take advantage.

That existential feeling of being-around-the-boss is more applicable than even the one we have from our relation to the president himself. Do you see what I’m talking about? That status as a subordinate? Is this Reality CEO really your boss? Since I expect that feeling of submissiveness to be mostly unreflected upon, once you gain awareness of it, it’ll gradually disappear. No you don’t owe an infinite debt, no you never signed a contract, and yes you’re only really paid in your own eventual disappearance.

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