If you’ve ever felt I’ve attacked you it’s a sign that you weren’t supposed to be invited to this lodge. I haven’t bothered to try to join any kind of existing “freemason” group because I’m pessimistic about the plausibility of their pacts with the demos. This here is a form an un-modern, autonomous one can manifest as. One of those demos ones might be good for you, who knows. I’m not here to adjust my language for amateur grades of initiation. They’ll probably do that for you and you’ll feel more at home. Others have never felt attacked at all because they don’t identify with what I condemn. Our materialistic culture is burning in the fires of hell and I made sure of that, and I’m not sorry if you’re one of those ones that’s frying alive. Enjoy yourself you little hellspawn.

Everyone arrives to this kind of thing expecting to be validated for being a perfect person. And then when it dawns on them that they’re distant from God’s light they make up excuses for why they should descend further into depravity. You could’ve just tried to get closer to God’s light. This is how we separate different qualities of soul from others. The little demons will have their egos shattered and then make excuses to believe nothing matters instead of trying to be a better person. Okay see ya, you weren’t supposed to be here, you only taint the atmosphere with your presence. All the demons of hell hate when you talk to them like this. Sayonara you trash. Or do you want to stick around to get revenge for someone telling you what you are?

That’s what happens when everyone’s been way too nice to someone all their life and someone makes them doubt all that, a cloud of evil descends upon their eyes. They’d rather live in that delusion that all their sin are relative and didn’t actually cause any harm in the world. Doing bad causes harm in the world, sorry no one’s told you that before kiddo. The demons only want to do more bad to convince themselves that they never did wrong in the first place. Nope, your soul is just corrupt and you’re a malignant presence on the earth.

“Once again”, if you don’t identify with what I’m describing then you’re part of an esoteric order of sorts. All the terrible people will hiss when they read something like this. Others will nod in agreement that something needs to be done with these damned souls that destroy the world. So which one are you?

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