I guess I am culturally catholic in the sense that marriage seems to pertain to Being itself and thus is integral to all philosophical speculation. The fact that feminism is a concept based in delusion isn’t enough to make me lose hope in them. “I have to spend decades with someone like you?” Yeah I guess I’ll endure your idiotic remarks since you have a womb. You want to mince words about it?

Most seem to want the delusion. Myself on the other hand, if I have to spend decades with you then you better be both interesting and creating children more interesting than you. Do any women exist that are like this? Why did I just laugh like the Joker when I thought of that question? I think the answer is that feminism is a fraud and women are retards.

“What about me, am I a retard?” Are you? What’s stopped you from creating a site that challenges the — can you even name them? I have no respect for you. I won’t feel like I’m truly myself in life unless I’m married, and they’re all such conformists that there’s nothing to choose from. You believe everything the corporations believe, alright, you’re uh attractive to me because uh you have a hole? That’s about it, these are the prospects these days.

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