Artist or historian?

Living fossils of the Ost

“Why are you studying me? I feel like a lab experiment.”

Why’s that?

Psychological peculiarity

Ivan Franko particularly disliked the fact that poor Jews sympathized with rich Jews rather than sympathized with Polish or Ukrainian peasants – although they often lived even worse than them.

Some countries just call to me somedays, and I listen to what they have to tell me. Today it’s Ukraine. What a Ukrainian has to say about his novel Crossroads is depressing

Women really pretend they don’t rule the world. Plutocracy? Judocracy? How about Gynocracy? It’s all these things. You can think of it cynically as sex and money or idealistically as love and “contributions to society” – the cynical interpretation seems more accurate. Leeches and animal release control society. That wouldn’t be too misleading a definition of the demos- “people who do anything they need to do for pussy”. Pilpul moralizing is still at the pinnacle of the pyramid though since they set the tone of what is acceptable and women are natural slaves of the state. In order not to be miserable, men fall in line and join them in slavery. Women who listen to the lies of the talmudists, so hot right now, I’m fanning myself just thinking about them. Only really cheap existences on offer in our culture.

Need to get outta here and read Hell Lit for about a year without talking to anyone.

“Time is valuable, what are the best ones to read though?”

Finding this could help

(На перехресних стежках: Іван Франко та єврейське питання у Галичині)

Maybe this will show you why this writer is important

Franko talks about the reasons for the emigration of Jews from Galicia to America

Sounds like they “brought themselves” here with them

Judaism created a special collective organization, designed alone to exploit others. There are not only capitalists among the Jews, but also proletarians, and this is a strange proletariat, because although it often almost dies of starvation, it usually obtains its means of subsistence only by exploiting other people’s elements.

If everyone was aware of this constellation of writers our state religion would disappear.

The unknown Ukraine

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