Interesting subtitle from this explorer of the Pale

Multiple connections here

They’re still possessed by the dybbuks of the Pale.

Some dates for context, to keep track of all this

An-sky (1863-1920)
Choinski (1854-1920)
Franko (1856-1916)
Franzos (1848-1904)
Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895)
Pappenheim (1859-1936)
Asch (1880-1957)

These are the main primary sources (time-capsules) I’ve found for reconstructing that lifeworld.

That writer of Jews Behind Glass agrees with Shahak about the prime significance of the following event, it will have to be studied in genealogizing their psychology

The Chmielnicki massacres were perhaps the defining instance of Jewish suffering in eastern European Jewish culture before the spate of pogroms and blood libels around the turn of the twentieth century. As An-sky observed in his ethnographic expeditions, folktales that sprung from the massacres – including the one about the slain bride and groom – were to be found in numerous towns even two and a half centuries later.

This was 1648 Ukraine. Different ways to tell the story. Shahak, as always a breath of fresh air, describes the “massacres” rather as a “revolt”

Remember Khmelnytsky? People today liken Franko to him, as grounds for dismissal.

If Shahak is right here this is really important to know more about

Palestinians… are identified in the minds of many east-European Jews with the rebellious east-European peasants who participated in the Chmielnicki uprising and in similar revolts

Do you see me as a Chmielnickian, Esther? That you or a dybbuk?

Is America possessed by a Ukrainian dybbuk?

Choinski is right that they spent more time with the Arabs (Semites) before that, if you want to go farther back. Most of their history with the Slavs was Talmudian. It must have been MENA ~Chmielnickis that led to the Talmud, and to the West, or at least the “less-Ost”. Can the Cairo Geniza tell us anything about that? We don’t know what they burned after the rise of Muhammadism. It gets pretty scientific here, regarding our overlords, doesn’t it? Anyway, their time with the Slavs is probably most relevant to study–time with the Arabs secondary, though not unimportant.

If the news, hollywood, bankers’ plans, et al, can be traced to Chmielnicki then that’s something that needs to be understood thoroughly.

This is what An-sky says about it

In fifteen or sixteen small towns I was shown a small grave near the synagogue, and everywhere I was told the same legend about the betrothed couple. This is almost the only legend from the time of Chmielnicki that is still so widespread. After the persecutions of 1648, the existence of the Jewish people was endangered, the whole Jewish people was on the point of being massacred

Why did the Zyds eat the chams with no conscience? Not only because of the Talmud, rather the Talmud and Chmielnicki? Shahak says it was a revolt of the oppressed (against the lieges [жиди!]) i.e. eGYPt all over again. Remember that Дума genre from the 16th century? This is all such a decisive smiting. I’m trying to exorcize a dybbuk.

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