“They” are what’s standing between the hellspawn on one hand and the hellspawns’ awareness of itself as hellspawn. That’s what makes people seethe. Because without the Hyksos there, the hellspawn are identified clearly for what they are. You’ll see this with “ladies of the night” as well as, say, Irish people. Anyone who can be judged wants that jew-barrier between them and that judgment. Because they represent a soothing relativism of values. That’s what they want in power so that life is easier for them and they don’t have to put in any effort toward being a good person. Not just the soulless women either, also just your average innocent feminist. The Zyds are the securers of equal recognition. They’re like a dam, if it breaks, people will be seen for what they are, and they don’t want that. They want the superimposition of a false reality over them to be interpreted as them. With covid I can’t philosophize about masks anymore fuhhh- without their lifelike, facelike mask, their ugliness will be manifest. People obviously want that beautification. “You’re saying I’m bad?? What a nazi!” Our contemporary morality hinges on the Hyksos, and their fabricated history of tragedies.

This isn’t a bad way to show how they work

All the disgusting hellspawn blame the creators of civilization.

Anyway, back to the nerd stuff. I’m seeing various books on the Chmielnicki¬†Uprising from the Soviet period annnnd I’m not gonna be reading those. Looks like that Shevchenko-enthusiast slash “ethnopsychologist” Kostomarov has a monograph on the leader of it. Reminds me of how Franko has a play on Sviatoslav. A buried web of fellow-travelers.

Why were they so callous in slaughtering Slavs of the USSR? Was it the memory of Chmielnicki? They were such a cloistered people in the Pale that they repeated only their side of the story for generations to sow that murderous hatred. I talk about proto-NYC- this is the proto-holocaust. Seems like everyday I add to a legitimate paradigm-shift in the truest sense and people are too dim-witted to understand. Or being rationalization-prone hellspawn they’re unable to understand. Oh well. All they can say is “being a monkey good!” That IS what a monkey would say. I’m not only an ethnographer of Zyds, I’m an ethnographer of smallskullgoys too. Can you two just make a suicide-pact? For me?

Apparently that uprising is one of Kostomarov’s major focuses. Remember this guy, staring into your racial soul

My hope in humanity is like the blinking battery on a phone. Hellspawns that don’t want to face it.

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