How many times can I choose to partake of the spirit of Icarus before I decide to find a new hobby or something, I might as well be a moth toward a zapper or something. I don’t like to see people living blindly and try to show them that there’s something else going on here. They love their blindness so maybe I’ll finally be a man of the people and give them what they want. The Christian peoples wouldn’t make deals with the world, that’s what got them. You have an enemy who actively eschews any morality, how do you expect to win? People think that just because they find Hitler cool that they now know the Mysteries. There are other levels beyond that. Hitler is just cult-worship, there are rational understandings that many do not have that are related to him. First of all, the way that Jews present themselves in public is not who they really are. This is an obstacle that it takes a rare third-eye to understand. The reason people killed them last century is because their religion itself is based on wanting to kill you. This is the labyrinth I mentioned recently. It’s not easy to understand what is going on here, because most of us were born in a culture controlled by them. Sanctions? I know something about that from this digital gulag where I’ve reached the pinnacle of atomization and alienation from humanity. The ones who even have a slight awareness of what is going on get hit with “sanctions” which give them an “attitude adjustment”, and then others of us who go further toward understanding the secrets of the state religion essentially wither away. That’s just how they play this game, and it’s one with the basic immorality at the core of their beliefs. How brainwashed are you, do you think that’s impossible to say? You can read their books to find out that that’s exactly what they advocate for. People weren’t “made equal” after 1945, the Jews only got more insidious than ever after that. They want you to not exist, and anyone with a squeegeed third eye who sees pretty much any media can detect that right away. And they’ve made that just an everyday thing that you don’t question anymore. How many days in a row have I gone on and on and I still have next to no hope in humanity? You are doomed, you are owned. Normie conspiracy bros will say that the world is controlled by evil people, and surprisingly they’re right, and all one needs to do to confirm that is read the Talmud. They have their guidebook right out in public and no one thinks about it. They think “that’s too extreme to be true”. No, they hate you, they want you dead, and are willing to do whatever it takes, immoral or not, to carry out that plan. This is the world we’re living in, I see it every day, to such a degree that I wonder what the point is of talking to people who are so deceived. I’m not going to keep being Icarus every day when no one else does anything. At a certain point I’d rather just read old books than write for people who are permanently brainwashed. Pull an Icarus once in a while, it’s fun, it only took me 10,000 times or so before I realized that the sickening herd has its good side. Talking to people exoterically? Well at least you’re talking to people at all. Still, I’d feel rotten inside talking to people like that. So will I keep doing the same thing tomorrow, who knows. Just glad I’m not you materialists.

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