I type in “Athens Jerusalem” on z-library and amazon and don’t see any authors with names like opodopoulous so I take to the Greek internet. I first find the words of a Brit, Churchill

The Brits are probably up there. Christians are too humble.

“Jerusalem” is a symbol that means “Bible” so he’s indirectly honoring his own civilization. And that’s what Christian “zionists” think of too, they don’t think of “that other book”, that one that ends in “mud”.

I’m going to find a Greek to tell me what he thinks of Athens vs. Jerusalem. One tradition has a hegemony over interpretation of both traditions.

You can make of this statement of Rosen’s what you will

It was often said of Strauss that he wrote like a Talmudist. But this is after all not quite right. Unlike the Talmudist, Strauss gave the appearance, both personally and in print, of great frankness—not always, to be sure, but often enough to mislead.

Straussianism can stand in here for “Secular Talmudism”

Gadamer’s criticism that Straussians continue to follow Strauss in wrongheadedly displacing Talmudic exegesis into reading philosophy aside, Straussianism itself now operates within the confines of its own distinctive horizon, which is no longer identical to Strauss’s.

You might remember my old post mentioning Gadamer.

This notion of “Talmudic exegesis into reading philosophy” is interesting. I’ll put it a different way- philosophy is the book of nature or the book of life, and walking Talmuds interpret it for us. What is life? Ask a Talmudist. What is the Talmud? The Talmudist answers “What’s that?”

Just “interpreting hermeneutics” here, sorry Talmudists have made you believe it’s politically incorrect to do so.

In all Strauss’s talk of exo/eso regarding the Classics was the Talmud always the unspoken book-in-itself?

There’s more going on in this post than in any philosophy class in the country and I’m not even trying.

Call it racism or call it bookism

Isn’t it kind of funny to ask that question of Tertullian’s in this language?

Τι Σχέση έχει η Αθήνα με την Ιερουσαλήμ;

How do Athenians answer that?

You aren’t even allowed to talk about THIS?

one of the central problems in the philosophy of religion, which is that of faith versus logic

Why? Because you have to just have faith. That circular “logic” thought-prison I mentioned. No thanks, I don’t have faith in Zyds eating me.

It’s strange that I’ve always sought interpretations of the Greeks from Germans and Americans, and never asked them what they thought of their own tradition – seems like they’d be in a place to know best?

P.S. Someone could probably write a sneaky book on (((faith))) vs. Logic.

I saw recently some university pushing for acceptance of the idea that math isn’t objective, and that it’s white supremacy to think so. This can only happen in a pilpul culture where the rabbi is the supreme authority whose utmost absurdities are even believed- if he points east and says this is west then this is west, if he points to a chimp and says this is a horse then this is a horse, that’s one of the meanings of “Jerusalem”.

Some names for future genealogical study

Heh finally found something kind of funny on the Greek internet, a chapter I can’t access called “Athens and Chicago: Strauss”.

There must be a Greek book on the subject of “What does this denizen of Jerusalem have to say about our books?”

They’re alive! It isn’t only an abstract discussion

If only I could access that Konstantinos Plevris’s books through a Litmir, he probably has lots to say on Athens versus Jerusalem.

Hate to say it, the anti-Logic ethos carries certain misogynistic implications- just another way of understanding why bioleninists team up. Misology. The good the true the beautiful are One, so it’s not just reasoning they unite in hating. It’s God itself that they hate, any kind of authority outside of themselves. They want to live without any kind of guidance and only on pure instinctive impulse, except of course when it pertains to helping their fellow wretched ones, because that means they have more numbers, thus more power and more impunity to live the depraved lives they do. Be monkey, no judge monkey.

I’m not sure this Greek is aware just how controversial this distinction he’s making really is

Ost state, Ost freedom, Ost religion, Ost critical thinking, Ost human nature.

It’s not even that “Jerusalem” won out, because that means “Bible” – a different Bible won out.

The “West” is Athens and Jerusalem. Our current order is closer to the Ost

It’s like a forced conversion. Especially for those of us on the Athenian side of things. The Jerusalemites, the secular Bible-thumpers, are closer in mentality to the Ost, so they probably don’t feel too much like a foreign order is being imposed on them. For us Athenians and Atlanteans, it’s a different story. No logic or questioning allowed, only faith and obedience. Two types of human beings, and the Ost one is arguably the primitive one of the two. Science-minded ones are the ultimate justification for that parochial religious mentality. The latter is for farmers and nomads who are struggling to survive. The entire point of their existence is to sacrifice intellectualism in order to create the material conditions ideal for producing a more refined type. And this is the Athenian. In our time of abundance we’ve created many of those and they have to sacrifice their intellectualism too in order to avoid being marginalized by the Jerusalemites. In other words there’s no ultimate purpose for that thoughtless religious behavior. Because the point of having it at all is to produce “Athenians” who do not need that now-obsolete scaffolding.

A different kind of “temple” needs to be rebuilt

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