Why do the copers even visit here, it boggles the mind. The way they contaminate the psychic field here is palpable, the pity I feel for their bitter frowns.

Just kidding, we’re friends. We’re friends!

I have so many sites I go through I forget where I saw it- Budapest was a prominent “capital” of theirs, and that hasn’t been lighted on at all here yet. Galicia – 900,000, Warsaw – 350,000, Budapest – 250,000. Aren’t we lucky that they’re so scattered and thus have so many places to study them in. These ones are farther West than the Ost ones we’ve been considering, so perhaps they will display an Aschheim-like hybridity? Who knows.

I was looking for a Tel Aviv of Europe, and if this is true then…

from the economic point of view [they] were more influential than any other Jewish community in Europe

What a surprise, this study doesn’t focus on how they got it in the first place

You owe a debt–to me!

It’s the only thing that makes me laugh.

I might have hit the jackpot with this one

played a greater role and had more influence on the country’s economy than Jews did anywhere else in Europe

Does that perplex you at all, that I’m only now learning of this after all my studies?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? There’s bound to be a Choinski from there.

All these countries, so many case-studies, it’s so right there. Why do I seem to be the only one interested in understanding modern-day America through them? They’re right there.

I’m sure the doctors probably weren’t doing anything to destroy society, and had to pay for the behavior of their coethnics. Well on the other hand, if we examine the US of the present, silence about the Jewish Problem renders them guilty. If you ask me anyway.

I can only hope that there are a few out there who read one of the hundreds of books like this that are obviously biased in favor of a certain people, and just think “Talmud” every page. Because when you do that these studies easily reduce to “jokes” that are “lost”.

For the “abused” folder

three times overrepresented among the wealthiest part of the population, but accounted for less than 1 percent of the poorest

Why anyone would read my site with a bitter frown is beyond me. Not the brightest bulb? Budapest seems even more zogged than Galicia, and I haven’t read an “enemy” source yet.

I wonder if there was a similar alliance between these following two on the one hand and the Polish gentlemen and the Zyds on the other

Of the 269 millionaires of Budapest, 175 (65 percent) were Jewish, and only 94 (35 percent) were Gentile.

Honestly, they’re stupid to write books like this. That false victim narrative is an essential smokescreen to prevent the goyim from “finding out”.

I’m excited to find goyim-perspectives on this. “The provinces of Atlantis”.

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