Bought some matzo mix, what do I do with this s**t? I’m going to need to know this for when I’m accepted as the prime minister of Israel, right? We’re gonna be changing the cuisine to fit my needs, I do like farfalle, how does that sound as the new tradition? No more Ost, all West, you’re not getting away with “Weest” either. Centuries of being demanded to integrate into a foreign society and now they’re reversing that. They really do need their own Lacan-type to figure them out. I do what I can, it’s like neurology regarding their specific evolved form of brain. What do I do with this matzo though, I mix it with some chocolate, is that how you make it? We have to feel the wrath of their vengeance as the Chief Integrators. Maybe those countries you lived in were… right to try to integrate you? This kind of question makes their non-equalism rear its ugly head- “I am superior, why would I have integrated?” Suuure, the proggiest of Jews never have that thought, never once. Pair an actively destructive attitude toward Others with an extreme narcissism- there you have the Jew. A people whose self-centeredness prevented them from integrating now in charge of integration as such. And what is that “self” that they’re centered around, that is the fundamental question. It is hostile to anyone who would challenge it. It does not permit disagreement. Anything that is not of its own nature it seeks to destroy. Especially the ones who are most able to challenge it. They don’t genuinely care about BLM, blacks are another type of goyim to them. BLM is only another way of saying “Whites are bad, get rid of them”. That’s the essence of “Esoteric Bidenism” as well. They don’t care if civilization is sacrificed in the process because in their mind they are civilization-itself. No you’re not, you don’t even have your own country. How do you explain that? Just casual questions, not intended to bring out any “badger” natures. No one asks them so I have to ask too many, that explains me. I have to pull the weight for the smallskullgoys, it is a burden that I didn’t choose. As uniform as they are in public I just expect that there’s a demographic of Jews who actually have a sense of humor. If the feds through anticipation-technology put rat poisoning in the box of matzo I bought, would you genuinely be sad if I died? I don’t think so, I think that Jews are secretly happy if someone who is critical of them dies, and preferably brutally. Am I wrong? Search your soul. People “being critical”, we can’t have that, definitely not the sign of an unformed spirit. Most of them lived in the Pale, and the more refined and richer ones were West of that. How many of those paleys who are so unwashed that they stick together when they bump into each other are actually operating the levers on the control-board? With their nepotistic attitude, probably many. And the Western ones were only disguising their real nature in order to avoid being exiled to the Pale. Sometimes I think I’m excessively going on and on and on about them, then I realize there is no extant ethnographic material on the specific themes I speak of. So why not go on and on? You WILL develop a modesty, and you will make me a European-style matzo. Modesty, imagine that. From a people who dozens of countries have questioned the behavior of?

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