Nothing is going to change for the better if you don’t step away from the “orthodox religion” of the present. Have you ever looked up the rate of feminism in Sweden? I have my own idiosyncratic interpretation of that social issue. They thought they could achieve it without discipline. You’re only going to get the opposite of feminism if you believe in the Standard Axioms. You’re truly being conned out of freedom and humanity. I wasn’t kidding when I said that I know how to make Santa real. It isn’t a fault of my own if you only got coal. Education will change them, and only education of a very particular kind. Do you care about “women’s suffrage”? Then, paradoxically, this is the site for you. I’m driven to help them simply because I do not like being around people who I can’t have a conversation with. Do you want to be a hole forever? There are different “waves” of feminism, and I only seek to note that being a knowledgable person has not manifested as a prominent theme among any of them. Beauvoir, being at such an early stage of it, didn’t know what she was doing. If you follow the current order then only the opposite of feminism will be the result. I like the idea of “smart daughters”- with the way of thinking now those will not be born. Hmm smart pretty girls, where are they? Wonder why I’m such a miserable person. That’s why I believe in this cause, you have to understand, because I see neither the pre or post feminist type as someone I’d enjoy being around. Is it a myth that women only exist to make men happy? That seems to explain a good portion of their psychology. I’d be happier with wiser women, and our state religion doesn’t offer that. Something “raunchy” I keep thinking about might explain the mindset to you- Do women prefer to be told “Do you want to carry my child?” when you’re fucking them or “You are going to carry my child”, I think the latter, yet I live in this place outside of culture so who is to say. They are a natural subordinate and if they aren’t told what to do then feminism will be impossible. Only the money-lenders control things. Some of us actually care about whether they are conscious humans eventually.

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