Looking for the deets on those ones from Budapest, or “Pest” as some call it, and I find this old manuscript

material interest takes the place of physical strength or faith and this will be the basis and driving force of conquest. But the principle of material interests alone is much stronger than the other two principles; our world is like this and no one can pull themselves out of its power.

Marx fathomed the nature of Being more acutely than Heidegger in this sense.

“faith” – if your idea of God leads you to having a rumbling stomach your idea of God is probably going to change pretty quick. Thus the ones with an aptitude for things pertaining to material interests are going to determine what God is. Naturally, this will result in a materialistic god. While I admire them for peering into the essence of reality in this way I can’t help that I nevertheless stand on the side of “faith”.

“And that’s why we call you a dumb goy!”

You might as well worship the devil though.

You have to hand it to em, they Know Something

the Jewish people are probably the first to discover that secret power — the principle of material interests — in its entirety. In any case, this people was the only one who was able to use that principle as a means of conquest.

This 1878 writing is really sharp

the Arab has platonic and spiritual respect for the beauties of the world, the Jew sees only its benefits. One may stop for a moment to admire a flower or other beautiful object, but the question immediately arises: How much can I get for it?

Because I was sitting here thinking, If they have such power, why shouldn’t I convert to Judaism? Many of my haters probably have had the same thought, and we know what they concluded.

“Will to Power”? Really, neech? I think you could’ve been more precise than that. Unless the will to power underlies the will to shekel? Do they collect them just to collect them or collect them to wield power? Maybe he wasn’t too far off. His ontology still falls under the “faith” category though, out of the three mentioned above. Will to power doesn’t answer “how” will to power- will to power through will to capital. And yet here I am, still thinking there’s something off about that worldview. Will to good, will to truth? “This is the real world, those doesn’t matter here.” It IS true that having power is good. Having it is good in itself, yes. What you do with it once you have it can possibly be not good. Looking at a flower, looking at a person, seeing them as things to be used so you can collect more money and more power, that’s not a good attitude for someone with lots of power to have. Good for them, not good for everyone else – and of course they have that double-morality.

I have to admire them

According to the Jews, in the struggle between the people, the most cunning and robbing in the end eventually absorbs the rest.

To what end though? They inherited the world and don’t know what to do with it because they never believed in anything higher than materialism.

What people were taught to know about them

All levity aside, they will only be removed by force.

He’s speaking of their time with the Arabs here

Xi lackey, you seeing this? Probably too late for us, and you’re next. Beward the round-eyed Esther.

You hear about secret agents taking on elaborate disguises, then there’s this, this is just too much

Then once in power, go back to breeding with Jews to gradually erase the sacrificial Chinese pollution. Now that’s some far-sighted devotion!

Whoa, some crazy historiography in this. He claims to be drawing from the Quran, which is a work of history, art, or both, it’s up to you

While the unhappy Pharaoh was constantly looking for a way out of this terrible dilemma, the Jews had gathered all the treasures of the country that they could only access and fled with them out of Egypt… This second era is characterized by a complete reform of the politics of the Jewish people. The changes in Moses meant nothing less than a formal renunciation of Jewish principles. This revolution abolished the main principle of the Jewish people — the principle of material interests — and replaced it with a new one consisting of a unity of physical and theocratic (god-oriented) principles. This change was the result of a reaction in the minds of the men who controlled the fate of the “chosen people.” These noble men were horrified when they saw their race sinking so deep that it was no longer deterred by street robbery and usury. 

Remember that other Quranic reading I mentioned- Moses is respected by the Muslims and they see Jews as disobeying him. So why didn’t this stick after the Hyksos were driven out of Egypt? They had a suffering-induced mystical experience that told them to reform their ways, and they went back to them eventually? It wasn’t enough, it must have been a mirage in the desert. Was it their time in Babylon among the Zoroastrians? The evil Persian goy who demanded they integrate. And it was there that the doctores put together the Talmud and systematized their old behavior in eGYPt. “Only through rank-ordering materialism above faith can we survive among the goyim” the rabbis must have concluded, i.e. faith in materialism above all. Faith in the double-morality.

He’s speaking as a Jude here

The principle of Moses may seem beautiful, but it is a deceptive thing.

Charitably speaking, it seems both are united in the Jew of today

The conflict between the two principles divided the Jewish people into two parties that fought for a long time for domination. As a result of this conflict, the Jews were soon prepared to emigrate to a wide variety of countries

Are they actively, bloodthirstily destructive? Yes. Do they also have genuine religious Concern for the downtrodden? Also yes. At least that’s my observation. Their self-centeredness however is not something they are able to escape- it’s always “love of one’s own” that motivates them. The downtrodden are those discriminated against. They don’t like that because they identify with being discriminated against (cough cough for being Talmudists).

Schmitt said Strauss saw through him like an x-ray. I try to repay the favor, how am I doing?

-sitting upon my throne of lies intensifies-

Such regret!

Historians will one day speak of the Jewish Empire the same way they speak of the Roman Empire. Unless, that is, they’re still living in that empire? 200 years from now?

One of the main reasons they flourish is because their power is so informal. The more people that know about it, the sooner will be their “Fall”.

I can see a future historian speaking of the internet in a detached way as a centuries old technology. “The Roman Empire collapsed in stages” – “The Jewish Empire collapsed in stages, beginning with the advent of the internet…”

Check out that hyperlink, easily among the best 5% type material.

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