Makes me laugh to finally see someone else say this

They are the opposite of a Kantian.

So sick of being at the mercy of people like that.

I feel like I’m uncovering a millennia-old scam. Just because it’s regarded as “scripture” doesn’t mean it’s not a manual for mobsters. Crime is divine… I see whatcha did there, that’s clever.

“It isn’t just clever, we can send you to gitmo at anytime, we can do anything, calling it merely clever is laughable.”

Can’t wait to find myself in a padded room with a split personality in a never-ending dialogue.

I know that not many people understand the global significance of all this, sadly. Blabbers in a nail salon. “They can do anything, what do you expect me to say?” You just have to be sneaky about it. Do you know what the alternative is?

I’m feeling like an ape, learning about them

You know Heidegger’s concept of standing reserve? That’s how they see the goyim. (See this post for more on that). We’re just resources for their use, how does ~morality~ play a role in that? It doesn’t.

Just continuing to study the “old country” of these miscreants who are with us now.

Let’s look at the estimated net-worth of the jewries of former Europe

Hungarian – population of 800,000 – $14-24b
Polish – population of 3,000,000 – about the same
Ukrainian/Belarusian – population of 4,000,000 – far less
German/Austrian – population of 700,000 – $40b

And this was just their surface capital.

Most of them escaped Germany, more than half escaped Hungary. “The devil escaped and settled elsewhere?” That’s pretty much how I see it. A significant portion of the poor ones from the Pale that stick together when they bump into each other arrived here too.

Know what I suspect about the paleys? This is how the last hyperlinked-to article describes journalism

their favorite gathering place; they recognized more clearly than others the benefits of a flexible and easy-to-use industry that allows them to explain everything to people.

The capitalist Westjuden toss their bumpkin cousins a bar of soap and a career, aren’t we lucky for that.

“That’s mean!!” Letting talmudists around children is “mean”.

Nothing to worry about, people

the victory of the Jews is equivalent to the extinction of the other races

I love for amoral materialists to be the ones who are there when the dust settles, don’t you?

I feel so bad for people who are permatripping and see into their secret dimension like I do, we should seriously rebuild some old abandoned town in flyover country and live like the Amish except with technology. What do you want to live in their world for? Does that status they give you have any real meaning? Besides that you’re one of Satan’s minions and proud of it? “I feel good about myself until I see someone talking like you.” So why are you here then?

This is 1878. Mammonites then, mammonites now.

Another result is that Jews, who have neither a country nor a permanent residence, have built Paris, London, New York, and San Francisco as their headquarters, in which they support Jewish power and Jewish influence. London and Paris, in particular, are commercial and financial centers where the threads of Jewish robberies intertwine. For Israel longs for these cities: here his children dance hand in hand with the inhabitants around the golden calf.

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