Weird synchronicity

That study is exceptional too, it’s not wonder he chose that one. A hundred years later and he chose that one. It was written by Frederick Millingen under a pseudonym. He published other books using his own name – this is obviously a symptom of the times. It’s a really magisterial essay, and concise.

He has another one I’m looking for called Revelations about the murder of Alexander II from 1886. His untimely demise was what triggered the pogroms in the Pale that led many to flee to the US. It’s controversial “who” was behind it. They killed the Tsar in 1881, then they killed the Tsar in 1918, really great people these folks.

Waiwait how’d that picture get there? (Not like you could even theorize about “that” if it were true anyway, slave.)

I have to hop around so many languages to find some of this stuff. I finally find it through a French wikipedia page using cyrillic on Yandex. You can’t stop me.

250 pages – if this is as good as that essay of his then…

I already trust this guy more than 99% of people, so maybe this will help me understand the Pale pogroms that eventually led to the 1917 revolution and 1932 famine. And of course 1933.

Looks like the anti-fascist greaseball Umberto Eco wrote a chapter in one of his novels that slanders Millingen. Welp you know what they say about bad press.

I wonder why Eco?? Who could guess?

We met up at the central doorway of Notre Dame and I asked for information about Osman Bey. It seems he was known to the police halfway round the world.

Who didn’t like the emancipation of the serfs?

Shevchenko gives us some answer to that.

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