There it is again, another parallel to the American South

He says that the emancipation of slaves in America is what inspired the emancipating of the serfs.

That’s a world-bender to think about. Usually people see the Nazis and Confederates as the same. What if the Confederates won WW2? And thus we remain toiling on our plantation? Feels that way. Did the plantation-workers of the south actively defend their slavemasters? How pathetic white people are. Oh right, didn’t I say I was just going to stop bothering to talk to these niggers, must have forgotten. It’s like they have a shackle around their neck between the two lines in the dollar sign. That’s another funny thing about bitcoin- why would we want the cowards who tend to buy it being the new masters of the earth? Eh I’m not gonna punch a fellow-traveler.

Basically what’s crystallizing from reading old books instead of PC posters is that WW2 was like if MLK only led to reenslavement rather than more equal rights. I’m not even being dramatic, that conflict only led to them strengthening their totalitarian control over us.

Here we go, back to the Pale

This turmoil between lords and serfs favored finance at will, which got in the middle, taking advantage of the ruin of some, the weakness and good faith of others. The government sponsored this work of spoliation by allowing the establishment of banks, so-called agricultural ones, and by tolerating cabarets in the villages. Of course, the banks pushed the lords into the abyss, just as the cabarets help to pluck the new emancipates. It was a real godsend for the Jews! … The transition from the state of serfs to that of free cultivators left the Russian peasants without organization or leadership. 

This was 1861. Seems like something was happening in Belarus and Ukraine similar to what was happening in Poland. I.e. something close to slavery that wasn’t called slavery. And then West of there in Europe as I’ve shown they basically controlled society there too.

That’s a major case of projection, putting the idea into the slaves’ heads that they themselves are guilty of slavery! Wonder why I’m so cruel? It’s because you’re duped and you do nothing about even upon learning of that. If you run cover for the Radhanite slavers you have no dignity to speak of, and you’re less than a plantation-worker. If you think I degrade your humanity what do you think of these people who actually do all this to you? I only put it into words, they’re silent in order to better keep you controlled, which is a further slap in the face to you.

Gershon says that in Poland the nobility represented 6% of the population while the Zyds represented 7%. Let’s see what it was like in Russia after the emancipation of the serfs

All together, these rowdy people form the high society, the enlightened class. To these two million disturbers of order, aspirants to laziness and honors, we must add four million Israelite parasites who, with full stomachs and pockets, also aspire to honors

About 40 pages in it starts getting really good, nothing can beat that essay of his, though this is still super informative so far. This was published 17 years before the Protocols. Looks like he inspired someone who wrote a few volumes on the Talmud too.

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