One needs an unwavering pathos of distance to even focus on certain studies, because the herd lives in everyone’s head and makes its incessant demands to not venture there or there or there. In any case I’m celebrating the holiday with a bowl of Matzo soup for breakfast. It’s surprisingly tasty. I’m sure mine turned out as well as if a bubbi made it. No one mocks people like I do. Anyway, I look for more material from that Haman Underground group and find another Choinski book that isn’t on the bibliographies. Like I said, most people won’t understand why any of this matters so I just choose to dehumanize them altogether in my mind so that they pester me less.

Here are all his books on them according to H. U.

Żydzi na tułactwie (1884); Neofici polscy (1904); Syonizm w oświetleniu antysemity (1904); ̇Żydzi oświeceni (1910); Poznaj ̇Żyda (1912); Legenda o mordzie rytualnym (1914); Program i metoda ̇Żydów (1914); ̇Żyd w powieści polskiej (1914); Dokąd żydzi dążą? (1918); Historia ̇Żydów w Polsce (1919); Co ̇Żydzi robili w Polsce (1920); Rząd Żydowski (1920).

I feel like a weapons smuggler or something, this is one of the most illegal and deadly writers out there. I’m having another bowl of that, that’s good. If people knew the gravity of all this there’d be a department in every university devoted to it. Instead, you have… one person. (Who has been stabbed a million times.) People don’t like when you look down at the pinnacle of their pyramid from above I guess. The closest parallel I know of is when I dropped the best acid I ever had with a friend and after the trip we gravely contemplated flushing the rest we didn’t take down the toilet because “You’re not supposed to know about that.” Knowing about this stuff is how I get my kicks. You can flush me, that’s fine, I enjoy being a crocodile stalking around in the sewer system. It’s about appropriating the mindset of those who wrote the Bible. The mindset of those who wrote the Constitution? The latter is nothing, it only presupposes the nature of God, thus does not pertain to “the highest matters”.

What a dark concept

Wtf, another one that isn’t on any bibliographies.

We’re talking about people’s lives here, that’s what I mean by the “gravity” of this. The alteration of a people’s belief-system. And not just any people’s, the people of the most powerful nation in the world. That’s what books like this represent- a schism from convictions held to be sacred. “Unrelated”- did you know that human trafficking is still rampant in Eastern Europe?

This from Choinski is poignant

Some people like to travel to a third world country to teach adults the ABCs and arithmetic. There are gradations of knowledge-alteration. In our current historical situation, perception of the Zyds is the most sophisticated form of alteration. It is the science of sciences since perception of them determines what science will be practiced. It’s such an abstract field of knowledge that it will not even be brought up in a contemporary epistemology anthology. Epistemologists will spend decades of their life devoted to the question of what knowledge is and they will never once speak or think about how they do all their speaking and thinking within the horizon of a certain perception of the Zyds.

While I haven’t had the misfortune of watching TV for a while, I hear that something like 80% of advertisements involve ape people now? The way we’re conditioned to perceive things, we interpret that instinctively as being motivated by caring altruism. What if it wasn’t that? I think Giordano Bruno put it pretty accurately here

The Jews are a race like the plague and cholera, a race so dangerous to the general public that it deserved to be exterminated before it was even born. The Jews are an outcast of mankind, the most corrupt and wicked people in the world, with the mentality and inclinations of the vile and the dirtiest of all.

There are sinister reasons for wanting to turn us into apes. The christian peoples might have good reasons for being kind to the downtrodden. This isn’t the case with the Zyds, i.e. the ones in control of all the propaganda. They do it because they want something bad to happen to you. They revel in your misfortunes. A Euro who acts and talks like an ape, or a Euro who is half-ape is perceived by them as someone who isn’t going to interfere with their planetary domination. You can either alter your perception of them or be leveled into a lesser being by them. They intend to harm you.

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