Merry CHRISTmas

He’s the one who published that Ivan the Terrifier monograph who’s guilty of “undermining the foundations of the country”. (ahahaha) He’s an enkyklopedist. Among other things.

If anyone knows the truth of the Pale it’s probably him

“Foreign gold” is mentioned – west/ost alliance?

What the- the writer of the Ivan book is in prison until 2024. “The” Belarusian, from where I sit. No better symbol of historiography than calling him “Terrible”. Hopefully he’s in his cell writing a work on Catherine the Great or something.

So if Platonov has published these books, what else is there?


He’s the director of the Institute of Russian Civilization which has published

210 volumes of the most outstanding books of great Russian thinkers and scientists [and] about 170 monographs

All the sites I’m finding for his publishing house mention Lutostansky’s 1440 page tome, and they’re all listed as out of stock

Under the rule of the Bolsheviks, reading and keeping this book was punishable by execution. 

The Talmud was probably more influential during Soviet times than Capital.

Most of the books listed here are not available – way to entice me.

One of Platonov’s that isn’t included in bibliographies. Looks like he subscribes to the Khazaria hypothesis. Learning about all this is like reading the most disturbing mystery novel of all time except it’s reality. “Secret slavery book”? What else do you need to know! All it is is a book… you get imprisoned in Russia for talking about it? And ostracized here? For, I repeat, talking about a secret slavery book? If that’s not disturbing to you…

I was laughing at that historiographer the other day talking about having to hunch over card catalogs for months, and I feel that way with google sometimes.

Where to begin with these Platonov?

Imagine charging someone like this for undermining the foundations of the country

That fragment from Lutostansky I quoted about the жид word wasn’t even included in the 2009 publication, so even if I ever find that I won’t know if it’s to be trusted.


From people who served in the Soviets for politics, I heard that before the war, especially in the 1920s, the Cheka shot not only for keeping Lutostansky’s books, but even if the person simply knew about the existence and content of these books. 
In the early 90s, a Hasidic raid on the Lenin library took place with the aim of removing from it all the dirt that was in the “Schneerson’s library” stored there since the 1920s. 


I told you about that Chabad library, there must be a reason they’re so persistent about getting it shipped to Brooklyn.

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