Wish I found this site earlier, would’ve saved me a lot of time. Hodos, Shahak, Lutostansky are all mentioned, as well as 100 others I never heard of. I’m going to be bookmarking that page. I thought I found all the best writers then I incidentally clicked on a link to Israel Shahak, and I never expected anyone to be like him. And he used that magisterial essay of Osman Bey as his preface for a German edition? How magnanimous. People knock those classic dystopian novels because they’re referenced so much- I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m writing in their tradition. Many of these writers I show you I see as clarifying precisely the type of dystopia we live in. Fahrenheit 451? We’re living in that, these are all the books they burned. Think of all those ones I just gave up on and forgot about because they were impossible to find, those are probably the best ones. I feel like I’m involved in a do-it-yourself Freemason auto-initiation, I can palpably sense new planes of awareness that I reach, different grades of understanding. Think of it in terms of school grades, a senior is in 12th grade, a PhD is in something like 22nd grade, and given that the “horizon” determines their grade, these professional intellectuals might as well be stuck in high school from my perspective. “Isn’t that an arrogant thing to say!” I’m only describing my experience to you, take it however you want. The academy is a pseudo-esoteric order in a sense. They’re only further initiated into non-mysteries. Remaining off the reservation I see through these “adepts” more and more and more. They do not want an esoteric order that doesn’t respect the state at all. The state wants the direct opposite, they want pure exotericism, even to the desperate point that they’ll engineer your very genetics so that you will never be able to understand an order outside of the state. I try to warn you, try to give you advice about how to auto-initiate yourself, and it’s probably too late in most cases. That’s just their karma. Same reason certain people centuries ago believed with all their devotion in the letter of the Bible while others read Aristotle on the side and were sneaky about it. I’m not trying to be “arrogant”, I’m only telling you how I perceive the world, because I want people to understand who I am, which I think is a pretty normal human thing. Any state-approved intellectual I ever see strikes me immediately as someone who is of a lower “grade”. All of their presuppositions are “off”, and they are “lost”. Often, I have to conclude that they were not “made” for higher grades. I see PhDs the way ordinary people see the ones who have to get G.E.D.’s You are just a thought-cripple. Nothing ultimately matters to you besides status, money, and a Mammonite partner. I know this is some really mean stuff to say, and again, that’s not my intention. If you didn’t want to know what “Masons” thought about things then you probably wouldn’t be here in the first place. Unless? Unless you wish you could just go back to being a 12th grader. Don’t like being a 29th grader? Why is that. Because you have to live among the blind. And you can’t thrive if you have the awareness of distance, that distant awareness. I don’t care, I care about the advancement of knowledge, and I want to live on a patch with people who are in a similar “grade” to me. Because that would be good for humanity in general and not just us. We’re social animals, and we need others around us, particularly others similar to us around us, in order to be our best selves. That’s the closest way to escape “humanity” and it might as well be more impossible than AI or CRISPR. And yet we all have that option right now. Start a town in flyover country. More impossible than AI or CRISPR. “Those are in the soon future!” And a realtalk 29th grade is impossible. Yet… we could if we wanted. Yet… we won’t. Thus, impossible. Might as well be a dormant technology similar to AI or CRISPR. “One day…” CRISPR is more possible to one day go beyond humanity than an exit-patch of “Masons”, even though with the latter we theoretically “could” right now. You must be in like 26th grade or something then if you don’t want to do that?

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