You can tell he was a wanderer by how many names he had – Lutostanski, Liutostanskii, J. J. Ljutostanski, Ippolit Iosifovich Lutostanskiĭ, Hipolit Lutostański, Ипполит Иосифович Лютостанский. I’m a treasure-hunter. Don’t think of them as “books”. Primal scene- you’re a kid sitting at a lunch table with other kids. Finally, there’s not a teacher around and you can be yourself. You can sit with others who you like to hear talk. Books are people talking. If you sit at the dork table you’re probably a dork yourself. Lutostansky doesn’t seem like a dork so I’m going to set my styrofoam dish on his table. We don’t care if we’re eating in detention, at least we don’t have to listen to you inane doormats.

Here is an insta-translated 330 page version anyway.

If you can read Russian, all six volumes of 2112 pages are here.

1782 pages missing ahahaha!

Remember what I posted yesterday?

They did the same thing to his book on how they do that with their book.

If you even knew what was in this tome the bolsheviks shot you?

So he had to find it outside of Russia

Oleg Platonov dwelled on the history of his searches for the works of Ippolit Lyutostansky in the USA, where he was lucky to be in Jordanville, the center of Russian Orthodoxy in America. Lutostan’s work “Talmud and the Jews” miraculously survived after the purge of “anti-Semitic” literature in the US Library of Congress.

Y’failed to destroy it

Description of the fate of Lutostansky’s brothers

took his left hand, turned it around the back and, putting a revolver at the back of his head, fired, while pushing Father John into the grave. Other executioners proceeded to the rest of their victims… The executioners, sprinkling their victims with earth… 

He died a few years before 1918. I haven’t determined his cause of death (nor Choinski’s).

He was more of a “wanderer” than I thought

It says it in the Talmud to kill goyim who tell the secrets of the Talmud, so makes sense. Any Mordecais relate to that on this special day?

If you kill people who talk about your evil book, I wonder what the appropriate response is to that

There are seven books in Platonov’s “Crown of Thorns of Russia” series, five are written by him, one by Lutostansky, and another by someone named Bashilov.

Am I wrong that it’s the most powerful book in the world?

It’s the residual grimoire of the shekel sorcerers who have dominion over the earth.

It’s like those old AOL discs. You don’t have to keep them in your computer after the dial-up is installed. The internet doesn’t stop working just because you put the disc in your desk drawer.

I want the unabridged version of Lutostansky! Since I haven’t found that (YET) I’m going to see what my MENA friends think of this grimoire.

Can you just drop the act that it’s “Biden” doing this?

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