I don’t even know what to click first with these Persians

Whereas American shit I don’t want to click it at all!

This is from something called the Khyber Zionist Research Base

Haha those camel-riders got a revolution, and we only got the opposite, “haha”

I know it can be overwhelming, everything I drop on you. I’m speaking to genealogists of the future and just trying to keep them as up to date as I myself am. Google Play is amazing. So many old books that can be insta-translated. When you type Żydzi on there for instance you’re going to find about a hundred books that look like something Choinski might have written. Material that won’t be translated in a million years can be highlighted and switched to English in the blink of an eye. It’s so freeing to stop catering to women at all. Focusing on things that don’t interest them the least bit is necessary for undermining the foundations of the country.

The excitement that seeing manuscripts like this brings, how could women ever understand?

That’s only for males who are autistically rational.

All these books in Romanian too?? I feel so buried. It’s like unearthing the basement of the Library of Alexandria that was left unscathed. Look, that Asch book I was looking for is on google play. GP is too much, I need to go for a walk after seeing what’s accessible through that, it’s like God picked up the Library of Alexandria and shook a hill of books onto me. “Thanks?” Reminds me of Huxley in the Doors of Perception

To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funnelled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system.

All those googlebooks I thought were impossible to read because they were image… are able to be text. The nuclear stockpile just increased a hundredfold. I’m in a state of shock honestly. You Marvel people call yourselves nerds, okay.

Wait a second, is there like an app or something to eliminate that highlight-translate burden? ttyl the few souls who understand the gravity of all this.

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