Some people must not have cynical thoughts every day, must be nice, what’s that like?


This is funny

Jews guard their “shrine” like the apple of their eye, so that some non-Jew would not inadvertently read something from there.

Some could probably do this with those secretive Druze too. The Druze don’t have the same influence though so why bother? What’s going on in those minds of theirs, in ways that they themselves probably don’t even realize?

I’m pulling from that 590-post forum by the way.

It begins with Klimov, who I’ve seen countless times now, and haven’t looked up much about yet.

We’re eatin WINGS, we’re watchin the game, mannn! Okay you do that you fucking serf, watch the game.

Show me how to be like you, please, it would be a sweet release.

Venetian Talmud, Иббур, what are these? What is in the Schneerson library?

This OP claims that more than 50 nicknames for the goyim are used in the Talmud. How to even begin to understand their connotations. I know a bunch of Amerigon Italian slang I wouldn’t be able to explain to anyone and can only spell phonetically – bochu, bochidee’a, mortideyvom, putana vaykya, bubyulokyu, stortu, zordi, strochala, the list goes on, Yiddish needs to be studied carefully. Preferably with a traitor. It’s an intimate type of jargon, if it’s anything like these words of my own. The trace from the Old Country.

They see how pathetic you are in the same way as I do, the difference is that makes them happy.

I’ve put it into crystal-clear plain English plenty of times. Look, that OP agrees with me

And you want a better life, turning inside out in defense of the Jews. Ha! 

It’s so sad to witness. I should just stop expecting them to be capable of anything more.

This is why you don’t hear about any of this

They deceive, you believe.

I think the Zyds who have been following me for a while know this to be false

Still adjusting to the internet? What kind of umbrella do you plan to design? Ah, lobotomization of the population. You and your tricks, there’s something to admire there. Until you design that, enjoy being covered in piss.

You really have all them doing this for you

The goyim were created in order to serve the Jew day and night.

“I know, right?!” Stop pretending like you’re someone I should respect, you’re terrified about the Pale. What was going on in Poland? Are you enough of a human being to talk about that? I highly doubt it.

This OP is really good, you should click that link, I haven’t even gotten to the 590-post discussion

That’s it, we will stop at this. Enough. The general picture is clear enough. From all this it is easy to see that Judaism is a criminal ideology… the technique of genocide, corruption, enslavement, and so on. 
Jewish synagogues are not just churches (by the way, “church” is translated from Greek as “house of God”), they are schools and training centers for criminals, centers of the international mafia…
Those who call fighting Jewish influence chauvinism are blatantly lying! Hatred of Jews is not only not chauvinism, it is the opposite of chauvinism. It is a protest against Jewish chauvinism… The entire Talmud permeates hatred of non-Jews, detailed instructions on how to deceive, weigh, cheat the goyim, lie in court, kill non-Jews, and so on and so forth. 

Is this you, goyim? Letting them get away with this? How pathetic you are.

Keep coping, keep schmoozing, and keep doing what they do best

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