“Can you stop talking about that grimoire that there hasn’t been an honest study on in the western world for nearly 80 years?”


That’s lots of grimoires actually.

Magic books that are misinterpreted by sorcerers and those under the spell of sorcerers.

RE “a book is a person talking”- Talmuds are walking Talmuds, the Talmud is a sorcerer. He has the world under a spell, most prominently the western world. Which, to his credit, is quite the achievement. It’s more of a curse than a spell. It saps their prana, their life-energy.

The ur-host

Bavli = Babylonian Talmud

The stars align – they were living in the world of none other than Zarathustra.

No it’s not

Who’s this remind us of?

It’s all too familiar

That Yaakov Elman referenced above is the kind of scholar who wrote studies and also had studies written about his studies. It’s its own field known as “Talmudo-Iranica”. It’s surprising it’s such a niche discipline given that whenever we say the word “Talmud” we’re (usually) referring to the Babylonian Talmud, and its Babylonian context is rarely ever mentioned.

Those Muslims didn’t manage to burn everything from that time. A Galician-like diversity?

That taxonomy of religious adherents is from a Zarathustran priest named Kerdīr.

As if there wasn’t already enough material to occupy dozens of lifetimes to read, there is a “genre” known as Middle Persian literature for those interested in understanding the context–the hidden counterpart–of the book that rules the world.

It’s one thing to study what led to the submersion of Atlantis, it’s another thing to study what led to what led to the submergence of Atlantis [sic]. There’s a double-Atlantis. MENA and Eastern Europe. To understand why the latter had to be “drowned” one must understand how they emerged within the context of the former. So many memes about this stuff, and next to no one has a clue about the thousands of books that explain them. Sure yeah post a symbol, cham. That’s just at the level of religion, superstition. Not that “the faithful” are my enemies in any sense whatsoever, there are just further levels of understanding that can be accessed by those who are more serious about not letting the world burn, that can be utilized in enhancing memetics. Synergy. The minority on the admirable plateau of this type of memeing tends not to venture much further into these “mysteries”. They’ve broken the spell of the establishment Talmudists and still live under their own self-imposed spell that memeing is enough. It isn’t. Better understanding leads to better memes leads to better understanding leads to better memes. Without this mutual reinforcement you can only count on halb-asien despotism for eternity.

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