Google Play has a few “extra-bibliographical” Franzos works I hadn’t heard of, as well as the full text of From Half-Asia

absolutely unheard of, incredible. I identify with him. A non-German who’s spent a lot of time with the Germans. When I read him I can almost “remember” what life was like in Atlantis even though I was born decades after it was drowned. I don’t feel at home in this time, the Mongols reduced my quality of life.

This was translated into most European languages. People wanted to get an idea of “the exotic” over there.

I found this, from a book on An-sky’s Pale expedition, to be unsettling

Mongols “migrated” here, adopted our language and clothing style, and began to give us orders. They erased all of their history from the centuries they spent in Mongolia so we wouldn’t have the ability to even question whether they brought Mongolia here with them.

I probably have a better understanding of what old Germany was like than living Germans of today simply by virtue of the fact that they’re the Most Indebted and their perception of their own history is filtered through that. Do you think you would think clearly if questioning the Story landed you in prison? They’re panopticonned more closely than anyone in the world. That makes their hermeneutics foggy. Articulation and understanding are entwined. Since they have to be even more reticent than everyone else already is, a sharp mental image isn’t able to be formed. The severe guilt that is imposed on them must distort any possible memory they can reconstruct. “It was always halb-asien here.” No, I can tell from the writers they try to hide that it wasn’t. Mongols are now in control, Huns. Brutes who want to brutalize us. Whites have a more divine understanding of God, and God isn’t here anymore. All that’s left in his place is the demiurge of matter. We’ve descended down out of a transcendent reality. All the shiny advances in technology only distract us from that fact. All that technology is only used to inculcate a halb-asien worldview. People prefer not to have a contrast, because it makes them realize with more acuity how dreary the Mongolian world really is. They prefer to believe it was “always” Mongolian. If that’s not for you, my latest progress on making Google Play less like an ancient scroll to unroll is zooming out with the double-page view, because then you can highlight more at once to translate. Remembering the world before the Talmud Mongols.

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