I learn from this that those rabbis lived in Persia for over four hundred years, good to know. That’s when they were writing their version of the Quran which appeared not many years after. Seen in that light, the Bible is even more ancient.

I always get the feeling the world wants me dead, I don’t understand.

Anyway, Babylon was 50 miles south of Baghdad. We might imagine those Sassoons being there around that time.

Here’s another one I’m definitely going to be getting to later

They might have been there since Talmud-writing times and have anecdotes to tell, who knows?

If someone was talking about the history of England or Italy I’d like to hear about it, I don’t get why Jews are so touchy. Okay I’m bluffing, I do get why they are. It’s a tradition that depends on erasure. Unfortunately for them, the scribblings are still somewhat legible after being erased, though I’m sure there were countless documents that were outright shredded and burned. Another factor is that they have a “talking” tradition which is more effective than even the proverbial secret agent “this message will detonate in 30 seconds” strategy. Words lost in the wind, lost in the synagogue, before there was surveillance technology. I don’t grieve about what’s lost, I only focus on the documents that are extant.

Just pretend I’m talking about those secretive Alawites instead, they reportedly didn’t write much down either. The Talmud on the other hand was a society that travels, their total educational curriculum was contained in that.

Look, another source confirms that Galicia-like diversity characteristic

the Talmud, which to this day forms the basis of normative Jewish behavior, formed one of numerous religious groups located in Babylonia, a cultural and administrative heart of the Persian Zoroastrian Empire. This geographic area and its surroundings were replete with diverse religions, political movements, languages, and ethnicities in contact with one another.

Babylonian America. Thank you.

Am I bitter about that? Do you want to live in Babylon?

When I was naive and younger I actually believed that Babylon was a “mythical” place, probably because it was so far back in history. I really thought of it as a fictional place.

What a world-shaking question this is

In this book, I read the Talmud in its broader Sasanian context by exploring its relationship to Persian society and culture, broadly defined. What impact did the Persian Empire, as both a real historical force and imaginary interlocutor, have on rabbinic identity and authority as expressed in the Talmud?

We can separate the wheat from the chaff (as I love to do) based on who is receptive to this question. The ones who are indifferent or hostile are happy to have their beliefs handed to them. The ones who like to reflect on their beliefs will demand to see this question answered.

In my experience, there exists mostly chaff. Chams. Cham-chaff. Was there a Persian version of “cham”? There must be a reason they “migrated”. Shahak says it’s been more intentional than what is popularly believed. I.e. They exploit a place until there’s nothing left, then simply move of their own freewill to a more lucrative country. He spent his childhood in Bergen-Belsen, who is he to have a say about anything?

“sigh, Wagner is still talking about the Jews…”

Even Ericksson accused me of having an idée fixe – yeah, I do, since no one talks about them besides ketmen of one degree or another or shallow memers. It’s a product of your own lack of effort and/or cowardice.

Anyway, enough about the canaille- you think the Belarusians have a modest literary output due to being illiterate until recently? Now we’re talking about the early Medieval period of the Middle East. And yet, there’s enough there for me to be relatively happy, because I thought the Muslims burned way more. The rabbis themselves probably instilled me with that type of interpretation.

Honestly, I feel like I have caused absolute destruction the last few years and people are just too robotic to even understand and only want to return to a normal life where they forget about that. It’s destroyed. It doesn’t matter, they’re terminal pathological liars. There is no brain there, only a tumor.

Do they see New Yorkers the same way they saw Persians? That’s the question.

I saw an anecdote about that rabbi Schneerson, the messiah of the Chabad, how his driver once accidentally ran over a little Brooklynite girl, and was entirely unfazed because she was a goy. Not sure if this is true, you can look into it yourself. Going from the Talmud to that story I wouldn’t be surprised.

Another question the neechfreeks might like to wonder about is Did Islam develop because of ZOG. That is, Zoroastrianism wasn’t enough to fight them off? A new religion based on the reinterpretation of Zarathustra. That’s what we seriously need. I see TSZ as something I don’t even take seriously anymore. Nonetheless, that’s the best “reformation” I know of. I’ve said before, the next one that I think of that is similar is Crowley’s Book of the Law, and that’s nothing next to TSZ. He thought Goethe wasn’t good enough, and he proved it. Now we live in his horizon. At least I do. I don’t live in the Jerusalemite horizon, I know that. What is to be done, you might ask. How about not scapegoating people who destroy everything you hold sacred. I know that’s impossible for you. Just throwin that thought out there. Marginalizing people who make you feel like a total retard? How about you learn how to listen. That’s what’s to be done, and pretty much everyone can’t do it. Vengeful apes who hate learning. “Time to make an excuse for continuing to be an ape oo oo ah ah !” Whatever, forget about your monkey howls.

Over 400 years they were there? And they’ve only had a strong presence here for about 150? You’re seriously braindead to not even wonder about this stuff. So hopeless I don’t even care to talk to you anymore. All you can do is scapegoat the one who dissolves your world into nothing. That’s where you live, you live in a refuted reality. You pretend for years that exiling people who show you you’re wrong changes that. It doesn’t, that’s only more proof about how pathetic you are.

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