This studies center is one of the best ones I know of, I’ve linked to it once before

That first english study I was reading, I’m not gonna trust, because it was written by him

(a Talmudist)

The second english study I was reading- also written by a Talmudist. I decided to google Persian and the above excerpt is one of the first results. More what I’m looking for than the 100 pages I slogged through from the first two.

«دولت پنهان» = hidden state

I type that in with یهودیان ساسانی (Jews Sasanian) and find another page

These personalities are the Jewish sultans in the Sassanid era, when this informal state was sometimes in conflict with the structure of the official Sassanid state, and this was because this state was hidden from the people of the host land by the Jews. 

That “horizon” I speak of – those first two are writing within that. Iranians are often not.

If lying is a virtue to them they probably never would discuss this then

I already know the instinctive reaction to this- “They forged the fact that it was forged!” Are they the religion with the god-given right to lie? Seems natural to err on the side of Islamists in light of that. “We’re not like that.” Liar. Want to do this all day?

I saw this about the gypsies earlier – “reminds me of someone”

That rationalization hamster-wheel is spinning so fast in their heads it’s a blur even to them. Is that a hamster? It’s going too fast to decipher. Is it something more nefarious?

Ugh I just want to close those english pdfs. I know I’ll probably find something worthwhile in them though. The intelligence difference is palpable going back and forth. Just because someone’s more intelligent doesn’t mean they’re more trustworthy. That’s also palpable. Christians are the happy medium between the two, though they’ve been jew-imbued.

Not him, probably his shadow rabbis did

Zooming out for a second I want to note that at the moment I have pdfs I’m clicking through regarding their presence in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Galicia, Hungary, and Persia – that’s just at the moment, since I had to reduce clutter. You know what’s conspicuous to me? I haven’t really found a good German study. Plenty plenty 1930-40s ones, we all know that. From before that though?

For another time. This has to be studied

“Influenced” either in the way of learning from it OR in the way of Zarathustra being thee Other in itself.

This studies center seems pretty legit – 59 endnotes to sort through.

Says in the beginning of the 2nd century that

the Basira family was considered the most influential Jewish family in Mesopotamia

Funders of the Talmud?

I still haven’t found that study that connects this text with Plato’s Laws, that’s another potentially invaluable angle.

Kool, proto-proto NYC, proto-proto-LA, proto-proto-Tel Aviv

the clearest evidence of the time is the struggle of three important Jewish cultural centers in Mesopotamia, which either emerged in the third century AD

I’m imaging newspaper CEOs demanding hebrew journalists write out that Talmud.

They say راو اشی (Rav Ashi) was one of the most influential rabbis in charge of its creation.

“The Talmud is a person that talks” – this might be his name, or at least one of them.

Always love to find a new time that this happens to them

Yeah these Iranian studies are so much better than those “English” ones.

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