Can you just make an exception for me and let me live in Iran

همه این حوادث را به پرچمی دیگر برای «مظلومیت» خویش بدل ساخت. این رویه متعارف و شناخته شده تاریخ‌نگاری یهود است.

If that was “well-known” here, pretty much everything people believe now wouldn’t be believed anymore. Our system of ethics itself would change radically. Ain’t foolin these Persians, they know what they did back in ancient times. Americans don’t even know what they did in the previous century.

Psst, human slavery.

This pertains to the 5th century

Earlier it dawned on me the futility of speaking, because you’re a member of their shekel religion

They provided pits of fire, giving Christians a choice between falling into them or converting to Judaism.

“No I’m not!”

… Okay.

Might stop writing here for a while and watch some movies and stuff, I hope you can’t blame me.

It’s more than 109

The struggle of the Jews against Islam continued until Omar finally expelled them completely from Saudi Arabia during his caliphate (634-644 AD).

After they were kicked out of Babylon they took their new Talmud south to the Yemen region. After they were kicked out of there (for the ideas contained in that book) they traveled north again to the Levant.

Incipit Radhanites

The advent of Islam and the explicit rules of the Qur’an in banning usury created a serious obstacle to Jewish usury… Therefore, escaping this prohibition was simply not possible. As a result, in the first centuries of Islam, usurious Jews turned mainly to world trade.

Islam can be seen as a sort of “revolution”. Christianity didn’t have one of those. The Zoroastrians learned, after centuries with them. The Christians were just in a state of vulnerability. Luther’s Theses and other writings didn’t have the power of the Quran, so his “revolutionary” efforts were in vain. Iranians are now living in the future because of the Quranian revolution.

This is like an ebook – I’m on Part IX

The reason it went global was because of the Quran. The destinies of the monotheisms are entwined. The rest of the globe didn’t have centuries of experience with them, thus didn’t have a Quran, thus were vulnerable to their swindling ways. And they still are. As for the Muslims, they’ve been doing their damnedest to regime-change them toward secularism. I’m sure for purely humanitarian reasons!

Islam begins in the 600s, their global trade begins in the 700s, and Alfonsi didn’t write his critique of the Talmud until 1110. Then we have Donin in 1240. That’s like half a millennium of getting away with it. All the while the Christians believing that they subscribe to their “Old Testament”. Let’s give them some credit, one of the greatest business swindles of history. And you know what, dear reader? Most people in the west today might as well be living in pre-Alfonsi times.

The dudes behind this study center are erudite. This, to my knowledge, is the MENA equivalent of that Russian Geopolitica site I like to quote Dugin from. The difference is that Iran isn’t as zogged as Russia. Christian Orthodoxy was made the state religion around the year 1000. Sviatoslav conquered Khazaria around 970. The Slavs didn’t have the experience of the Middle Easterners to shape Orthodoxy in such a way as to avoid being zogged. We either need to get rid of them or develop a new belief-system like the Zoroastrians did in order to avoid being their prey. Guessing you’re going to choose… neither.

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