YHWH hugs you when I go away, pats the back of your head. “It is fine, my child.”

How over-stimulated must I be if overturning centuries old values is the only entertainment I like. I wish I could just sit on a porch and “watch the morning”. In that simplicity there probably is something partaken in that is similar to the creator of Genesis. See, I can’t even just watch the morning, I have to instantly bring that up.

This time of abundance together the internet has really ruined some of our abilities to be with other people. I don’t hold it against you if you’re not trying to satirize YHWH everyday.


Why don’t you? It’s fun.

You’re just too easily entertained. Content with playing Jewish games instead of playing games against them. No different than any TV-watcher, just managed to give your brand a misleading gleam.

YHWH is juggling and spinning plates and all I can do is elbow-nudge the person beside me about how much of an eye-roller it is, and would you look at that, there’s no one there to nudge.

A clown walking on stilts, there’s only so much of that I can watch.

Maybe some people find that itself funny? As in, laughing at rather than laughing with? I doubt it, it seems they’re fully captivated by YHWH.

Terror also is an emotion I detect. Terrorized into laughing with them rather than at them. People reach such a point of being terrified that they begin to adapt to the situation and tell themselves, This is good, we like to be entertained by YHWH.

I’m not doing that, I see through everything YHWH does. I see through every way that people in the circus stadium react.

Some people can only laugh at him rather than laugh with him. It’s exactly like laugh-tracks in those tv series. People who are paid to laugh. No difference. I’m not going to be sitting there and doing that, you can do that.

You just have no say in the matter, there’s something about you that is like a stone, static, that isn’t able to decide. A spirit that isn’t free, it’s anchored. YHWH has terrified you into aligning your very being with his interests. There’s no self-consciousness involved there. You are an object at his disposal. He doesn’t have to tell you anymore, that’s just you, you’re a convert to Judaism. Guess what the disadvantage of that is. You work for the Jews and you get no benefits of the Jews. You’re just a servant. To be thrown away once the work is done. Maybe people had these thoughts when they were watching the morning on their porch.

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