A collection of articles that reinterpret the Chmielnicki massacre as revolt rather than persecution–references to Shahak abound. The “reversal of oppression” of the interpretation of that event was formative for their psychology.

This guy sent a letter to a rabbi about it (feel free to copypasta my posts and send them to any jew indiscriminately)

I not only urge you to consider abandoning the Khmelnytsky prayer, but I urge you as well to consider replacing it with a prayer of support for Ukrainians in their struggle against slavery, and with a prayer that includes support also for the overthrow of every Jewish demagogue who by leading his people along paths of hatred, falsehood, and exploitation has succeeded only in leading them to their destruction.

He sent letters to lots of rabbis. This 17th century uprising is the origin of the six bajillion mythos

A website is the only place you’re going to find any kind of Shahak scholarship.

This Ukrainian is lucky most of them left there and fled HERE

Jews today are playing the same role with respect to Palestinians that they played with respect to Ukrainians some three hundred years earlier

More like 100 years earlier.

I’m hoping this guy cites a book that expounds on Shahak’s arguments. I only find fragments in various texts, nothing sustained, for obvious reasons. Ah, he just cited someone we already know, Shamir. I was wondering, did these two feel a special burden, being named Israel?

Is this the first Ukrainian thoughtcriminal I’ve found? The first thorough one at least.

“more accurately called” yeah I can relate to this reinterpretation

following the Communist revolution, which would be more accurately called the Jewish conquest of the Slavs, anti-Semitism was designated as a capital offense.

Look, the same idea as that Iranian from yesterday

the wars of liberation of the Ukrainian and the Palestinian people against Jewish tyranny will be painted by Jews as their own victimization at the hands of overbearing anti-Semites.

I repeat this stuff because I don’t think many truly understand. They still see them as Woody Allen rubbing his shoulder. That’s a deceptive superimposition over the reality that allows them to exploit you undetected.

This guy says an academic named Matvy Shestopal, who was purged from Taras Shevchenko University, wrote in this “genre”. His book was hidden for 22 years. These two are the closest things to “contemporary Frankoists” that I’ve found.

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