The one who wrote the preface to that Shestopal book, Василь Яременко, looks interesting too, a director of “ethnopolitical studies”. Remember that Ukrainian from older times, Kostomarov–the stare into your soul guy–known as an “ethnopsychologist”. They seem to be more naturally illiberal in Eastern Europe.

Яременко = Yaremenko

Franko once revealed to Ukrainians many forgotten names of Ukrainian literature, discovered that ancient tradition of Ukrainian culture and proved in scientific studies that Ukrainians have a long history. The work started by Ivan Franko is continued by Professor Vasyl Yaremenko – he reveals to Ukraine and the world the forgotten and outcast names of Ukrainian literature

Similar to Platonov in Russia, Yaremenko has republished 200 old books. Born a year before Holodomor and still alive today. Imagine if instead of Gerber’s chicken and gravy baby food you had to eat mashed up human remains? Looks like he published an anthology on the ZOG of Ukraine in 2004. Good to find some goys on this, I’ve been relying on Hodos for this country. A lawsuit was filed against Yaremenko, his works discussed in court, a story we’ve heard before. After being further awokened on the Talmud, when I see the word Jew I see “synonym for immoral”. I’m so far away from the matrix you have no clue. Everyone within the horizon looks like they’re talking pure nonsense. X-ray life, it’s really awful to be honest. Thus I’m driven to show people, so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

Returning to that Shestopal,

How do you teach others, but you yourself are rejected by God and scattered: if God loved you and your law, you would not be scattered in foreign lands. Or do you want the same for us?

A dense knockdown argument right there. It’s actually a quote from a 9th-12th century chronicle. A dude from medieval times is asking better questions than 99.9% of people today.

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