Watching the morning

Such a sperg question, right? Well–what is it?

The intro says philosophers don’t talk about it because it’s too difficult, vexing. He’s… not wrong?

Scene- You’re YHWH instructing deity cadets how to create a universe. What is food? Something you probably need to know. If you want beings to worship you? You’ve never thought about that?

You might you think you know, and… I found this to confuse things

the difference between food and other edible things (such as water, minerals, or drugs).

“You must be on drugs if you’re talking like this.” Just trying to rethink things from the ground up.

Can you imagine YHWH telling you this for the first time

Food is a basic thing that humans want and need in order to live together in societies.

It’s true, there is a rangordnung to this – do YOU treat yourself right?

We attribute aesthetic properties such as “elegant,” “hearty,” or “simple.”

Just imagining people being terrible to themselves and eating as simplistically as an opossum or something. You must just hate yourself if you eat thrown-together scraps?

There IS something special about food, now that I think about it

We do not just perceive it; we also prepare it and eat it.

Yes YHWH I’m jotting down notes. Why can’t I just create beings that are like solar panels in my universe?

Even then you’d have to wonder what is sunlight. Is there an elegant way to absorb sunlight?

What about a being in a universe that doesn’t need to consume anything?

Would that be “life” at that point? Or is life defined by consumption?

“Just go back to talking about the Jews, okay? I already know what food is!”

Really, what is it?

Around 9 million people starve to death every year. Food must have more of a sacred aura in places where that happens. Places where it’s abundant it’s more mundane, and other things are sacred. Food is the bare minimum of consumption, and then after that there are gradations of other consumptions. What is simple, what is elegant? Do you consume other consumptions like an opossum too? I have my opossum side too, don’t be embarrassed. One of the first things I think of in regard to “elegant consumption” is Aquinas, personally. Theological concepts in rational language (more or less). A lot of the world is too busy wondering if they’re going to starve to think about that stuff. To even think about “What is food?” As trivial as it might seem it’s probably an important question for cannibals to ask though? Or McAmericans for that matter?

You ever have Devour brand microwave dinner? Those are pretty high quality for what it is. Same could be said about a lot of media consumption. Yeah it’s high quality–for what it is. Which is to say, it’s a microwave meal. Doesn’t mean it’s not good. Still, it’s a microwave meal. Tendies. Adults who wear suits consume that and nothing else. No wonder their personalities are like that. I swear I’m gonna get around to watching a movie one of these days. Some of those frozen pot pies are really good, for instance. All those ingredients in the grocery though, what could be done with those? I hyperlink you to some of those. Again, you must just hate yourself if you’re eating Stouffer’s everyday.

Remember, we’re just speaking figuratively here

Actual taste is seen as low in the hierarchy of the senses, even antithetical to the rational character of genuine aesthetic experience.

We’re talking about higher human matters than food. “That’s subjective”, the relativists will squeal. Is it? Reminds me of one video I watched of an ethnographer visiting one of those uncontacted tribes. What did he do with them? He had them show him what they eat. Looked good, honestly. If that’s all their culture is, is that really “culture” strictly speaking? If I was around people who only had taste for food, and not the other kind of taste, I’d probably start feeling pretty dead inside. Oh wait, I live in America.

Here is that philosophy of food book though if you’re interested. A more “tasteful” book on food than others you might find.

This is another kind of puzzle

Certainly the culinary arts require high-level skill and artistry—but does that make culinary objects fine art? Most would agree that food and artworks overlap but each does something the other cannot… Does it require the same skill to produce? Faculties to appreciate? Should salads be displayed in museums alongside of paintings?

Someone would have to convince me. Specifically a girl. Seriously though, it’s possible, I’ve had a few meals in my life that I probably appreciated more than any painting I’ve seen. That’s one of the most misleading ways to think of aesthetics though, everyone thinks of “paintings”. I used to have a friend who was autistically obsessed with that in particular so I’m not going to knock it, pros can show you a thousand things you missed in a painting you’ve seen a thousand times before. When I think of aesthetics I think of something that moves me. I’m not kidding, there are professional aestheticians with an extremely elaborate understanding of this discipline who will laugh at me for defining it that way. Just for starters, it’s something that’s moving. Something that’s ineffably incredible, i.e. almost not credible because it doesn’t seem like it’s possible, and yet it is. Isn’t there something supernatural about beauty? Maybe it’s just my own tastes, I find the highest aesthetic to be augmentations of the state religion. If you can do that, then you can move me in a way that nothing else can, and I’ll think your soul is beautiful. Doesn’t happen too often, mostly in books when it does. You ever expect aesthetics and historiography to be connected? If hundreds of millions of people find something to be sacred and they revolve their lives around it, and you discover that their (and your) conception of the divine is flawed, that itself is “God speaking” in a sense. It’s not that no God is discovered, it’s that a more sensitive understanding of God is discovered. Maybe after I’m abducted and my alien wife makes me a meal from her world it will give me an experience beyond that. Here on earth I doubt there’s something in the grocery store that can move me in that way. What I mean by state religion is that there’s something existential about it- people with the very core of their being believe certain axioms and historical facts that they are passionate about more than anything else in the world. To give you an extreme example, recently I heard a few accounts of leftists turning their own family members into the feds. Their political beliefs are more sacred than religion, family, friends, everything, it’s the highest, that’s the point of calling it existential, it absolutely enraptures 100% of their emotion and reason. Works that demonstrate that they’re mistaken to be so spellbound are what move me most.

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