This is just mean

Looking for more ways to “zoom out” that I wouldn’t expect

I click that one cuz that’s just the kind of person I am I guess.

There’s bound to be a more thorough list somewhere. There’s a philosophy of everything. You think you know something then you find an obscure coteries of pedants who have been thinking about it on a theoretical level for decades. That logician from the other day for instance- certain strains of philosophers you simply don’t mess with. They know every question you’re going to ask before you ask it. There’s no “refuting” them, there’s only learning from them. YHWHs of geography, I wonder what they say.

Paradoxically, it’s about distancing yourself from something in order to get a closer look. Every day I plead with the universe to turn my world upside-down. If you only speak “within the horizon” that isn’t going to happen. Not saying it’s your obligation to give me what I want. Actually maybe I am. There’s something of a universal imperative about that. It seems like the telos of what it means to be human is to not be stuck in a horizon that renders you an object. It’s only when you think outside of the horizon that you are a true subject. You are obliged to ascend to new levels of knowledge. It’s a “call” that we hear that is intrinsic to the beings that we are.

Even a weathered autist like myself exhales through my nostrils in annoyance when I see the phrase “philosophy of philosophy”. Doesn’t hearing that kind of just make you want to say “Shut up”? Nonetheless, we are speaking of “maximum abstraction” in the purest sense possible when we use that phrase. They do not teach maximum abstraction in any institution, because there would be a witch-hunt if they did that. Thinking abstractly is what separates us from the animals, so I think there is a “slight” problem with that. Why can’t they teach that, you might ask. Because there are various definitions of what it is that could potentially undermine the foundations of the country. Zooming out in order to get a closer look, certain abstract ways of looking at the world, they want to be blurry, unclear. Why do you think I call people animals? They don’t think abstractly. See, we’re getting abstract about abstraction itself, now that’s abstract. A simple answer is to get even more abstract and say that they don’t teach the philosophy of philosophy because of paragraphs like this one. “Witch-hunt? What do you mean?” You know what kind of dialogue that dialectic can lead to? Not one they want you to have. Putting all emotions and politics aside, do you understand why this would be a pressing concern that I’d have though? If you think about it purely abstractly. The highest abstraction is not allowed to be taught in the highest educational institutions. The country is blind in that sense. Do you think national blindness will lead to all good things? There’s a more well-known discipline called philosophy of education. Remember yesterday me talking about how historiography is in the service of political philosophy and political philosophy is in the service of philosophy? Philosophy of education presupposes a blindness to the philosophy of philosophy, and thus our educators are not educated, and thus they are not optimally educating who they are supposed to be educating. That’s how the culture putters on. Professionals with this intrinsic ignorance. It’s pretty popular to have a “Shut up” attitude about these levels of abstractions, yet I don’t think people realize that whenever they state an ordinary political claim of any kind they are presupposing knowledge of the philosophy of philosophy that they simply do not have. It’s possible to acquire that knowledge so that they can have more sophisticated and accurate political opinions, and mostly they just don’t care to do that. Rangordnung of the disciplines, it’s a reality. Tell a mathematician that and he’ll probably scoff at you. “What do you know about ‘abstract’?” Hahaha!! So you want to dabble in the philosophy of mathematics then? That itself presupposes the philosophy of philosophy.

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