First sign that the descendants of those neophyte slavers are indeed operating in Poland to this day

Korwin is a living politician. “We got away with it.”

He has dozens of books, this is more something my Polish friends will be interested in.

On Korwin’s website I find that the Zyds tried to censor another book a couple years ago

It never ceases to amaze me that it took me so many years to seek this perspective

Why are whites hated, why is Tolerance of immorality sacred? Because no one seeks that perspective. The silencing of the Polish side of the story is necessary to keep whites hated, to keep Tolerance of immorality sacred. Does the justification seem hidden to you? Even for an obsessive like me there are moments when it isn’t easy to decipher. You have to look carefully, keep tracing back contemporary beliefs to their source, and the trail of bread crumbs leads to Poland. They’ve managed to sweep most of the bread off the path. Choinski’s introduced me to quite a few loaves out there. The above are only the most recent. It’s one of the most important questions any people in any time and place can ask themselves- “Why do we believe what we believe?” The answer in our time and place is that we believe what we believe because no one knows about any of these writers. If they knew about them it would be a different country, a different West. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that this isn’t about history, it isn’t about racism, it’s about our belief-system. I invite any “Spinozas” out there to reevaluate it with me. The Zyds tried to kill Spinoza and the goyim saved him. I’m sure there are some out there like that who don’t want to take the risk. Alright, your loss, no philosophy of philosophy for you, what a miserable existence that must be, perpetually tantalized. I’ll be real with you, many people don’t have the incentive to participate in this type of project mostly because they secretly love to live in a political order that doesn’t condemn you for being a dirtclod. I hope you’re not one of those people, reader, and I hope you only fear the inquisition. In a very real sense, the Jew has replaced Jesus as the symbol for Ultimate Forgiveness. They’ve done Jesus one better and eliminated the existence of sin altogether. If you’re happy living in a time like that then I can only guess that it isn’t the inquisition you fear, it’s responsibility. You want to destroy this time of unchecked immorality? Then you’d probably talk about the Pale. The only alternative to that is cosmetic critique. If you don’t truly care about abolishing this belief system, it follows that you are some level of dirtclod yourself. Yeah inquisition okay, I’ve faced it, why haven’t you?

Cool, someone in Poland who understands

It’s both original sin and forgiveness of sin, faith-based, transcendent of history, beyond rational understanding, they pretty much just copied Christianity, only made it directly to their advantage and our disadvantage. CONNED!

Most are still at the phase of the Monotheisms where they see Christian priests as the uniquely corrupt ones to distrust. No, realizing this is the next stage in the dialectic- the Christian priests were probably corrupt, leading to atheism, and the religious instinct remained in the population, only to be manipulated by a new priesthood.

Furthermore, in their subtle genocide, they’ve inverted the idea of “everlasting life” in Christianity. Salvation is found only through your deliberate disappearance. Heaven on earth is a place where there are no Christian-descended people.

Whatever, I don’t expect dirtclods to do anything about this.

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