Choinski says that they lived in Poland for more centuries than any other European country because understanding of the psychology of the Jew never developed there, whereas it was thoroughly studied in other places.

This he says is the beginning

Why you so mad I talk about all this, pussy? Scared it might lead to some murders? I just have a side-hobby where I like to play the historian, I’m not trying to lead to murders. Screams. That kind of stuff. No, that isn’t me. What, do I strike you as the type of person who would instantly go from reading a book to decapitating someone with an axe if given the opportunity? And then right back to reading even before the spilled blood grew cold? Really, I thought you knew me. I wouldn’t love to wear an executioner’s costume, I’m just a theorist.

How tedious some of this work is to help not bring about executions – Orzechowski’s text in image-format here. People would rather turn into apes than admit that a certain religion is doctrinally immoral. Wow, you’re just a big pussy, aren’t you?

Just trying to understand a country here, a country and its goblins. Orzechowski he names as the first, Stanisław Staszic as the last. Think of it as retweeting your banned friend’s new account to boost them. These kinds of people were banned, and I’m just trying to help them find their friends. Nothing to do with axes. Why do you keep thinking that? Well-sharpened axes? Quit thinking about those. We’re studying history here.

Ah sweet, Staszic is more easily accessible than Orzechowski. I love to find another criticizer of the Talmud. It’s just a book, why the controversy? Some of these guys probably were ardent Christians and innocently wanted to learn about the other “sequel” of their Old Testament. And what did they find?? Very dirty birds. Some might even call them evil, murderous birds.

Funny, Staszic accuses them of pushing opium in Poland too.

Who knows what Bilderbergs we’ve never heard of

Imagine being such a pushover serf that you end up living for 70 some years in a zogged country and never once say anything against your tyrants even if you hate the political reality every day of your life. Couldn’t be you, right?

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