Okay I have to know more about this one

Is there a tradition of Kabbalists critiquing the Talmudists? That Criticism of the Talmud wiki page has so many different streets to veer off down. It’s one thing to know that they were kicked out, it’s another thing to know why. OR why they weren’t, how they avoided it. Was that Catholic bishop killed? Historiography is firmly in the genre of “mystery”. And for those of us who are existentially and not just cerebrally attuned to these questions and problems, it’s in the genre of “suspense” as well. And the schizos might like to learn that according to Shahak there’s a buried tradition they had of sorcery, involving incantations, curses, talismans, potions containing christian blood, that kind of thing, and so there could be a potential “fantasy” element to this as well – was the bishop cursed? Let’s just go with the mundane interpretation- poisoned?

The US is a place where people migrate to in order to forget about the sins of their ancestors. That’s one of the basic foundations. My question is, what if we forget those, and then certain people keep doing the same thing, and we don’t have an awareness of their history doing the same thing? You can tell yourself you’re a blank slate when you move here, and continue to not be a blank slate. That seems to be one of the key political problems in our time.

Are they Talmudists without the Talmud, I’d like to know, seems like a significant concern given the contents of that book.

So, you know my general “method” at this point. I’m going to ask Poland about this disputation. At a certain point you get too far away from Accepted Society and everyone hates you for bringing them with you. Can you just forgive me? You don’t want to be ignorant like them anyway. Or just get lost, and adjust to third-worldism. It’s a mindset, and many vulgar souls are already looking for an excuse to not have the responsibility of a white person. Atlantean books will remind you how they thought, they would have despised all of you. You haven’t progressed beyond your great-great-grandma, she had better instincts than the people of today. “My great-great-grand-daughter is a prostitute who works for free?? I’m going to have a stroke.” What a joke this society is. They don’t even need to give you nigger blood to make you into a nigger. You already are one. Just to eliminate all chances that you could ever have independent thought they might as well make you a genetic chimp as well you stupid nigger. “Make sure not to read old books, or you’ll remember that there was once a time when people didn’t act like shameless orangutans who happen to have wifi.” Ah right, these are the same ones I’m talking to. I’ve snuck a quiet walkie-talkie into their zoo cage to remind some of them that they’re not supposed to be in there. Pulled into the whirlpool of being someone the disappeared ones would never want to talk to. I try to talk to you at least.

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