Speaking of shamanism, remember this craziness? What the “brahmins” of the “New World” really believed not many people know about. They visited alternate dimensions as frequently as you visit the grocery store. That is hidden from modern consciousness. This is actually a viable “Duginist” alternative that you never hear anything about. The Akashic Record, or what I’ve called the holographic field of information, is not in line with progressive ideology. It’s known as Peyotism, they have a church in our very own Oklahoma. That’s a never-acknowledged center of dissent in the US. It’s a pandora’s box moment the way they’re legalizing it in the western states. Allowing people to break from the mundane world might have unexpected consequences. Will antifa types have a vision of Hitler the way some do of Jesus? No, hedonists like them will never experience anything profound all their lives no matter what they do. There is a chance that it will jar them out of their stupor. It’s possible for there to be a renaissance from this stuff. The priests of pseudo-Eleusis will doubtlessly co-opt the potential for that. Theoretically, it IS one of the options for radically shaking up the roboticization of humanity. Not many things you can say that about. The worst case-scenario and probably the most likely is that it will only reinforce hippiedom. sigh What is my quarrel with the Jews to those Native Americans. They don’t care about that, one of the few lucky ones in the US to be so external to that conflict. Just noting this interesting case right in our own country- they have their own “patch”, they have more freedom to practice their own religion than any billionaire, and they are explicitly above the law in a sense.

This is true

We know more about pretty much every other religion. This is because by its very nature they travel to a different dimension. You can read scripture. You can’t read the word “peyote” and know what that dimension is like. Even a few weeks after taking it most don’t have a clue about that dimension anymore. It’s a genuine and robust alternative to the status quo belief-system, that’s the only case I’m trying to make. The egodeath that Peyotism causes is similar to the one that banned books can cause too. With the difference being that Peyotism is more effective for breaking with the status quo because its very essence is to destroy the barriers that no book can. I know people roll their eyes at this subject and I’m telling you the only reason they do that is because they haven’t “read the book”. It WILL distance one from the state religion. I’d go as far as to argue that the best way to distance from Orthodoxy is to read this figurative “book” and these various banned books. I would even call that a necessary recipe for freedom. Whatever, I’m sure you never bothered to read Choinski and in the same way you won’t bother to “grow ololiuqui flowers”, because, increasingly patently manifest as it is, freedom isn’t something that concerns you. Here it is, I’m holding it out to you and you’re not going to take it. Entheogens and banned books are both ways of returning to Being and contemplating the Source. They want to keep you at the end of the spring, unaware that the stream is running through the ribcage of a festering carcass. I say these things because no institution is going to say it, because they themselves are at the end of the same spring. This is what one occidental initiate has to say about the religion of our Native Americans which is still a mysterious many today. When I call people monkeys I’m intending to convey a deterministic point, i.e. that they are permanently damned and will never understand. What I’m talking about here is a type “miracle”, I can’t emphasize that enough. I’m telling you that there exists a “technology of miracles” that can possibly save your soul in a way that nothing else can, in a way that none of the hundreds of books I’ve linked to can. It’s not 100% effective, it’s closer to a “hail mary pass”, might as well throw it.

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