Just feel surrounded by soviets. “What kinda funny business are you up to in there?” Chillin. Saying whatever I want. You ever try for yourself? Even though I denigrate them as half-asian, sometimes I get this perception into their nature that’s even more primitive than that. I see em as dancing around a fire in loincloths. Something disturbing about them. So many murder fantasies over the years. They never address the arguments, they always resort to wanting to chop my dick off with scissors instead. Is that you respond to arguments? That’s some primitive shit right there. That’s just been ongoing for years. Never say my name, never address my arguments, wish I would die, literally show signs they want to chop my balls off, THAT is pre-civilizational behavior of tribalists in a jungle. You people, you call yourselves socialists, either that or you pretend you’re a rightist and you might as well be a socialist, a rational person actually responds to arguments. I doubt they’re ever going to. That’s why I just say to care of them. I’ve refuted their entire worldview 50 million times and they can never do anything besides mill about mealy-mouthed and wish for me to be mutilated. You people are primitive. You tell yourself you follow Marx, keep telling yourself that. You dance around a fire in a loincloth. You don’t believe in dialectics, you believe in silencing people who are objectively more intelligent than you, that’s it. Shameless retards. Do you call this civilized debate? It’s like I read Beauvoir’s oeuvre and say Your tits are small. All I have to deal with is children. What’s the point of talking to you? This is standard behavior. Less than peasants, people who live in the jungle. The great utopian dream of leftism, okay. What is even your aim? Oh that’s right, making people who are smarter than you not exist. Real noble people we got here. My theory about them is that biology hasn’t really changed much since prehistoric times and a kind of traditional basis was necessary for preventing them from falling back into pre-civilized animality, and now that all tradition has dissolved, that’s where they are now. People didn’t learn the traditions as first-nature, they need them to be human beings. Our connection to the past is so broken I wonder if there’s any possibility at all that they are even human enough at this point to reconnect to it. My hunch is they’re just going to live out all their lives as animals and die that way, and probably pass that culture of animality on to the next generation. “Half-Asian” is just a euphemism – that’s the epiphany of today I didn’t want to have.

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