If you take the nuke it from orbit option I hope I’ve demonstrated to you how they react. People are mostly unconscious about why they do not challenge them in the ultimate sense. Now you know. They don’t play fair. They always hide the brain, that’s something to remember. There are certain noble characteristics of the Jew. The idea that they’re the chosen people is far from the truth. They don’t have self-awareness and they don’t understand themselves. They like that, that’s part of their tradition, how they’ve persisted for so many centuries. Something similar to a neanderthal wakes up in the modern world and has to adjust. I value the elitism of the Jew. The fact is that they don’t have their own country so that negates itself. They want to use Israel as the home-base to exploit people, that’s all. They never planned on stopping being Talmudists. They just want a beach-side resort that goyim pay for in order to do it from. Are you starting to get a sense of the true “JQ”? A few years ago I was ignorant to the actual reality of it. People are so conned there’s almost no point in talking to them. I repeat again- See me? This isn’t a “normal talk” we’re having. This is what they do with people who question them. You tell me if I’ve asked them some things they’ve never answered? How about a thousand things? This isn’t a people to respect. They know how to make money, they know how to screw people using that money, that’s all there is to say in their case. And their chief kabbalist Einstein is sainted due to his ability to kill an unprecedented amount of goyim. You are conned. You live in a world controlled by people who care nothing about you. Even worse- the thought of you being gone makes them ecstatic. And they have such a subtle means of secrecy that they’d never explicitly admit that fact, though it is quite obvious once you examine the standard doctrines in circulation abstractly. The US is just “#110” that is getting robbed and declining because of them. All they can do is disappear and scapegoat anyone who challenges them, because that is what they do, and because they are alchemists of finance they are able to do it. They’ve obviously kept me out of prison for now because they want their minions to hack away at me. This is what they will do to you too, Aryan brother. It’s no joke. Euros vs. halb-asien immoralists who don’t want the good, who only want to control. I’m sorry for all those who I thought were up for the fight and only disappointed me. Pretty much everyone. Earlier today I was thinking about what it would’ve been like if I had a sidekick or something like that. No, it’s just been me alone for .. how many years now? You’re all just jewish puppets. I’ve never had anyone. Thankfully, due to your service, the possibility of challenging them in the next generation has significantly decreased. CAPITAL is going to be controlling the world even more than it is now because you were such a coward. Look at you, you’re nothing. You do nothing. You mostly apologize for your lords. Why bother talking to you? “FBI CIA”. There are ways of talking about them in code, and you don’t even do that. You’re just a slave.

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