I just want to call things by their right name. You can rightly call me a Confucian for that.

I’m preoccupied with this shift in names from жид to Єврей in the Old Country.

This article says that both words are self-names of Hebrew origin, i.e. жид is not equivalent to calling an Italian a greaseball. жид is like calling an Italian a Latin or a Roman, except more recent in time. жид just acquired the “greaseball” connotation, or even more controversially, denotation.

I think something shady happened with this word-shift. They were in those lands for a thousand years. Now they’re here. I want to know who is here. Is it a Єврей or a жид? Don’t you like to know the nature of a given Being and know it by its name? Why call it something that it’s not? That would certainly confuse things. Especially if it’s greaseballs controlling your children’s screens and you call them virtue-paragons, martyrs, chosen people, etc. That would confuse things. Is the Wizard of Oz a жид?

Let’s take another example to try to warp normal perception- it’s the 70s and you’re in a Vietnamese jungle. Is that you Charlie?

They are both commies who want you gone.

I wonder why Micks would so frequently align with жиди?

“Oh you wanna get in a fistfight?” Pretty much my everyday attitude, yeah. Lots of ellis island detritus is unmannered in that way, eh? Different types of “halb-asien”. Some have more influence than others. Some more malice. Do any Catholics have something similar to the Talmud? Not even close.

Remember that rabbi I first learned of the word жид from? The one Israel banned? He identifies as a жид. I believe it’s quite similar to saying “Yes I am a kike.” That probably would be the ordinary way of things if WW2 had turned out differently. Maybe they wouldn’t directly be called that. They’d have the жид connotation though, the denotation. жид = Talmud = immoral exploitation. We’re talking about the nature of a particular Being here. I just want to think rightly about it, I don’t want to have any false ideas about it, is that so wrong?

That linked-to article claims that the word жид has one root with the word иудеем, from one of the names of a son of Jacob, whereas еврей is from Abraham and his descendants. I’m not sure what to make of this yet, just noting it for now.

Language matters. If you go to google translate and click the audio for the pronunciation of their preferred new title єврей, then click the audio to hear the word жид I want you to let me know what you think, and which sound more closely corresponds to the nature of the ones in the US based on the state religion that we’re forced to believe. Sounds like the Wizard of Oz is a Jgidt. If you listen to the Polish pronunciation of Żyd it’s very similar to жид. One thousand years together. And they “met” them as slavers.

Talk about dignity

The identification of the Slavs with slaves took place in the societies of Western Europe, after earlier Germany, at a time when caravans with Slavic slaves driven by Jews

Do you want to be the next Slav, cham? Or are you already?

The disappearance of history, and the non-disappearance of the жид

I myself am still taken aback that Shahak actually admitted that rabbis have historically hated history.

It’s how жиди have not learned from sin and vice over the centuries. There, I just explained the political order of today to you.

The few places it’s still defined, the word жид is said to be a “pre-revolutionary” term which was synonymous with скряге, скупце – approximately, a bad-tempered cheapskate.

As the title of that Choinski book puts it, Meet the Jew! 🥸

I’m off to continue studying from that purged Ukrainian academic Shestopal’s book. In the meantime enjoy continuing to be жид’d and doing nothing about it.

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