I keep thinking of what Lurkmore calls the “particle-wave theory”

Jews are the electrons of society. The electron has the function of a particle and a wave; this dualism allows him to be the most unknown particle.

I think of Crowley in this context. It’s a certain type of mystical sight that sees this. «دولت پنهان» – hidden state.

You can’t understand “them” without understanding the context that both WE and them are in, namely that of capital and the demos. Capital shapes the demos and the demos incessantly demands that you stop seeing this hidden reality. That’s one of the main ways that it is kept hidden. You think I’m a cruel monster? That’s what it takes to stay away from the demos. If I’m a social animal, if being-with-others is the inelutable essence of reality, that means the demos exists in my head- thus I’m forced to kill them. There is only a corpse of the demos in my head now, they’re not making demands on me anymore as the footsoldiers of capital. The flux of the particle-wave? I only see a жид. The hamster wheel that’s spinning so fast it’s a blur and you don’t even know if it’s a hamster in there? Once the demos is smothered, vision is more precise. It’s an emotional manipulation by the representatives of capital. No, both of you are animals to me.

After all those deaths last century and look, it’s the same there too

It’s a Talmudist underneath

Capital and demotic manipulation affect the elites of the elites. The faculty of harvard would stew in ressentiment at what I had to say as much as the rabble does now.

I want to debunk another caricature. If only one Zyd were alive on earth OR if even none were alive, it would still be of utmost significance to criticize them in all the ways that I do. If none were alive would the belief-system still be around? Probably would fade within a generation. I’m just saying for the principle of it. Yes there’s plenty of corrupt white people. It’s not their religion, precisely speaking though. They believe in someone else’s religion. Technically speaking, whites are a type of people that is easily co-opted. In that sense it IS a white religion. Only indirectly though. You can’t just blink when this stuff is being discussed. There is a gravity to this idea of the two most advanced subspecies in the universe being in a manipulator-manipulated relation. If you don’t understand the importance of thinking about that it is because you yourself are one of the manipulated ones! Even most Zyds are manipulated by the craftier ones of their race. If they want to decide “what life is” for themselves they need to think about all this too. Then we return once again to the problem of fuzzy mental images resulting from lack of articulation. I see MENA people who blame the fact that their own damn cousin was bombed to mist on “the president”. It’s not the president who is killing them! In many cases they aren’t even allowed to say directly whom is murdering their own family. And this is self-reinforcing, i.e. if one doesn’t articulate it then one doesn’t truly understand it. So the murderers are getting away with it and effectively blaming it on someone else – usually the smallskullgoy-in-chief. Why is your life awful? “Capitalism, mannn.” No, you can’t even explicitly state why your own life is so atomized and depressing. Capital is no doubt part of it. If you’re going to use that abstraction “Capital” then you might as well venture further into the realm of Ideas and talk about related factors, namely for this post at least, the demos (can’t say that/elitist/which is against the state religion), the state-religion (can’t say that/philosophical/which is against the state religion), and the жиди disguised as Єврей. If your life is dismal due to “systemic” factors, you can’t even say why it is. You’re just like that MENA person who can’t say who murdered their cousin. Something wrong with that picture? Yeah, I’d say so.

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