“You hate me.” No, I hate what they’ve done to you.

The Orthodox Initiative publishing house might be able to help us in our philological investigation of this Kabbalistic word-shift

У нас уже был суд из-за каких-то публикаций, которые представители еврейской общины сочли возмутительными, в том числе и из-за использования слова «жид» в оскорбительном контексте.

I’ve found a few article on the shift that were obviously written by жиди. They always frame themselves as the victims (living ones do this too) when that interpretation is the result of botched historiography, whether intentionally botched or not.

So, this publishing house, Православная инициатива, let’s see what can be dug up. Looks like one of the books is called Война по законам подлости. Unfortunately it appears that has that universal/particular problem where it’s not on the subject of the word жид itself and rather only uses instances of “жид”. In my studies so far, the word жид seems to be the symbol of symbols that refutes holocaustianity.

I’ve read that the conditions of the peasants in Belarus and Ukraine were even worse than those in Poland. “We” took care of most of the Polish Zyds, whereas many more of those жиди in the eastern and southern Pale lucked out and escaped to the US.

Reminds me of money-laundering in a way. While there’s some remembrance of the word жид in Eastern Europe today, our version, “Jew”, is even further removed from жид than єврей. Or think of it like a criminal who goes into witness protection and gets a name-change. If such a person was living on your street wouldn’t you like to know their past? Ideally? Especially if they were closely affiliated with mass-murder and grand thievery, trafficking, slavery, etc? No? Okay, that’s because you’re a victim of the greatest white collar con-artists in world history, so I do guess that based on that it’s somewhat understandable that you wouldn’t mind crypto-жиди.

Intense over there, no wonder I haven’t found “the” Belarusian yet

Belarus is openly keeping silent about the history of Jews and their contribution to state and cultural construction, in the struggle against Nazism. Encyclopedic, reference and tourist publications, as well as books on local lore, contain almost no information about the almost ten-century stay of Jews on Belarusian soil

For now abandoning my quest for the Grail (a book on the жид word itself) I’m settling for that one title I mentioned above. Published in 1999. It’s on that Russian Federation List of Extremist Materials. Conspicuous in that most of what you find on there is only like pamphlet-type media while this book is 500 pages.

Chertovich is who published it

In April of [2001], unknown persons broke into the Minsk apartment of Vladimir Chertovich in broad daylight. Only his youngest daughter was at home. A nineteen-year-old girl was thrown from the ninth floor. In the apartment, apart from the documents, nothing was touched.

Allegedly there were other corpses too.

Just a normal day here talking about this kind of stuff ha. People seriously hate me more than the ones who enslave them, so lost, and beyond pathetic. Anyway, hate to pat myself on the back uhh why do people talk about Dr. Seuss and never about the stuff I do? Just cowards. Here are other ones from that publishing house they banned.

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