I’m sick of being a demon. Not really.

A normal place where normal lived

Everyone knows that Australia used to just be an exile-island where Anglos dumped their convicts off. At least that is known. Only saints arrived in the US, right? That’s the story.

A step toward utopia

In Lithuania, for example, it is openly discussed why Lithuanians killed Jews.

I’m so happy I didn’t get conditioned by social media. I see xenosystems and this place as a nuclear fallout shelter. The bolsheviks really stepped up their engineering game the last 5 years so and anyone who’s been actively using social media probably hasn’t been able to notice. They got you. Might as well have been doing whippets everyday for years. Can only think how “Jack” wants you to think.

I found a (((specialist))) on Belarusian Jewry, no thanks. That Shestopal book on their history in Ukraine took me a whiiiile to find.

Still haven’t a clue about their time in Germany either, and why so many found themselves in halb-asia in the first place

In the 14th and 15th centuries, there was a massive migration of Jews from German cities to Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

“We know why! They were being жиди!” I want the exact details though.

If you want a more convenient way to see what’s on the Russian Federation List of Extremist Materials, this site is better than that one I linked to before that only shows you each material one page at a time. Five of Platonov’s books were put on there last year? You’ll see lots of brochures and video clips on the list, which, meh. Hence the intrigue of that 500 page Belarusian book that got the man’s daughter thrown out of a window.


If you’ve been demos brained or social media brained you probably can’t follow the will-to-truth. You essentially have to jog in place waiting for humanity to catch up. No “studies center” in the world is on the planes we get to here, to my knowledge, and I’m not even exaggerating. Most can only “stew in ressentiment” over it. Dwarves. The truth is blinding. It can crush people’s souls, you have to be careful. “Like you’re careful!” Someone has to do it. I actively tell people to stop visiting here. I’ve observed that the demos has to refract it to prevent perishing from it.

Reminds me of Kabbalah

the Light (emanation) of the Infinite is a unified whole, each of ten Sefirot represents a “filter” that holds and transforms a certain part of this Light into a particular force

Most seem to be like nocturnal animals that hiss and scurry away when you flip a light on. What’s worse, this “filtering” often amounts to a diametrical inversion of the light – they turn the divine upside-down. Why do they do this? It would crush them if they tried to harness it in their core. So they have to deflect it away. (Like they will do with this very sentiment). Opossum Science.

Anyway haven’t been able to access that Belarusian book on either google or yandex

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