The list of banned materials in Belarus is only 27 pages. One of them is mysterious. It claims that the existence of the Russian people can be traced back several centuries earlier than what is standardly believed. The page seems to be convinced it relies on forged documents. The fact that something that makes that claim has to be banned is odd though, no?

See, it’s treated with condescension

“The famous Veles book, created by the Novgorod Magi in the 9th century, describes the events that took place since the end of the 2nd century BC and up to the IX century.”

“Velesova Kniga” is referred to as a “true” source even in some dissertations and scientific articles.

It seems so authentic that it has to be banned? I wonder if there’s anything else besides the question of origins in it. Anuddah Atlantis. -stern brow- “You can’t believe you’re people who have lived since 200 BC!” Why? Sounds like a strange prohibition.

That sci-fi writer Petukhov I’ve written about has used the Veles book, can’t be a good sign if you remember some of his themes.

Or is it deemed pseudoscientific because it is damaging to the faith?

the “Veles Book” [is] pseudoscientific and damaging to the Slavic faith

-wince- While I know you hate that I always talk about… THEM, it’s literally how one might explain why such a book would be banned… Many pagans use it to justify their religion, i.e. their non-christianity–which is another way of saying their non-judeo-christianity. Some people probably think I’m just makin this shit up about the psychology involved with “the Bible”. The Hebrews in that are not the same ones that lived for centuries after the Bible was put together. Christians think of them that way no matter what I tell them about the Talmud! Just saying, this is one reason I’m finding for why it’s banned- because it “emancipates” people from Judeo-Christianity. Want to take a wild guess whether the Talmud is even translated in Belarusian yet in the year of our lord 2021? Yeah.

Here we go

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times- religious belief and historiography are more closely connected than most people realize

The experience of mankind testifies that historical myths are usually useful to those who have planned something unkind.

That page almost had me too. Putting a bunch of discreditors at the beginning often has that effect. Even if the source is fabricated, what could that source do? If we think of the Bible as a historical myth (in the non-pejorative sense) what does that do for us? What does the Bible do? And then what does this Veles book do for people? The Belarusian overlords apparently don’t like what it does. “We existed 200 years before Jesus.” That’s a belief that can nuke all modern-day psychological presuppositions. Is this one of the reasons Greece is one of the most anti-semitic countries? I try to detail how we’re all scammed out of our wits and I don’t think many truly realize the extent of it. They are not the same Hebrews as the ones in the Bible! They aufheben’d the Bible in 500BC and wrote thorough critiques of the New Testament. The reason Christian peoples are so zogged is they’re blind to this dialectical shift that occurred.

Heh, reminds me of the hypocrites of today

I’m pulling some of this stuff from this ebook which is pretty good so far.

Russiagate is so easily understood by the fact that so many more books like that are written in Russia, “their previous victim”.

Another clue about that Veles book

Imagine not living with the belief that those who control our minds were poor innocent SLAVES of those evil Egyptian goyim… Probably’d cause some problems for “them”. In the secular age we have Auschwitz, a new, refurbished, more relatable, blonde hair blue eye model to scapegoat. What a burden, that “Judeo-“.

It has an equalization effect?

we were forced to recognize the Jewish origin of the RUSS tribe, about which the Veles’s book gives us the necessary evidence, the oldest chronicle of the Crimea

They’re seen as our spiritual big brother, right? Wait, “big brother” is kind of a loaded term – our older, wiser cousin.

Whoa, I started out thinking this was just a useless forged document and it’s giving a lot of food for thought (even if it is). Another page on it here. Meddling with history heh heh.

Lurkmore has a page on the Veles book. This might shed light on why that pagan Dobroslov is five of the first ten entries on the Russian Federation List of Extremist Materials.

The Uses and Abuses of History for Life

“Veles’s Book” has enriched our knowledge of the history of Ukraine, highlighted the dark ages from the XII century BC. to the 9th century A.D. “Veles’s book” testifies that our distant ancestors had a sense of dignity, national pride, patriotism, were creative people, highly spiritual, had high morality and sacred love for their native land.

This is eighth circuit-esque

Veles is an ancient Slavic god, an object of worship

YHWH, who’s that?

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