Some of this stuff is just so.. it’s blatant what’s going on

It was written in 1912, these people need to relax. You can tell by that title, “International Secret Government”, why I find it useful to look for Russian books. The core of what violates “life’s TOS” is the same here and there. He died in 1916, I can only imagine how based on that date. He acted as a lawyer defending the pogroms that preceded the so-called Revolution. I honor these people so much. They’re oracles. No one listened.

Oh great, this is the only one I can find so far

This is funny

One article I saw says he anticipated this essentially

This is looking like one of those most thorough studies I’ve found

Woke up today anthropomorphizing them as one person, a king

Without the control of the military this is the stage we’re pretty much at now

Better a jester than a groveler

Oh good, Shmakov says he revised this himself.

Oh yeah, I also ended up finding (some of?) that Belarusian book I was talking about earlier. It begins with writings from Stalin a month before his death. Why would they want to ban that??

my whole life is an ongoing struggle against Zionism, the goal of which is to establish a new world order under the rule of the Jewish bourgeoisie …

One replyguy I saw said He was delirious, at the end of his life, mannn

Rule by bourgeoisie, sure feels like it. Then again, why give someone a class when they have no class? Oh right, that’s the point of calling them bourgeois, I forgot.

psychologically acute noises

Finally, someone agrees with me

In our days, the danger of infection is all the more sad because it spreads with an incredible, by no means previously unknown, hopeless force …

Illustrate this with examples from the ancient and new world -the requirement of a direct, vital necessity.

Already in the first chapter he’s condensed so many subjects I’ve gone through here. Another one of those books I wish I found sooner. Looks like he knew all about the web of fellow travelers.

I was just about to click out of that List of materials too, since there’s 5000+ to scroll through, then I found this one.

All these names he’s going through… could’ve saved so much time. People aren’t going to bother learning what’s going on, they’re only going to continue to be жид’d. “At least they lie to us and don’t call us bioleninists!” That IS how someone like you would respond to this, you waste.


Too much to read, shouldn’t squander so much time here.

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