I’m probably the only person in the world who ever cared about you. What’s going to happen to me in the future for the words I’ve said online? I don’t know, I don’t care. Maybe I will care then, when it happens. In Soviet Belarus, daughter thrown out window. I’m sure they have me on a very special list. Why are you so afraid of confronting all these things I talk about David? Maybe the world would’ve been a better place if they included a couple goyim-eye-views to that book in Babylon? There’s no doubt about it that you believe in power over the good. You don’t care what you do once you have it, what matters to you is that you have it, and nothing else. Even Marx called you Easterners what you are, I’m sure you can imagine the word. Moses had it right, and your rabbis were so desperate to survive that they turned his teachings into the very opposite direction, and we see this to this very day. It’s like fur that they could’ve shed during times of abundance, and they never did, because being so pre-civilizational gave them such abundance. Verily, an excess of abundance. Those disgusting goyim and their inaccurate stereotypes about our greed. What is even more important than the golden calf to them? That is being in control. Do you know what that translates to? The golden calf being in control. “Any means necessary” – that is their philosophy, or more precisely their sophistry. So, once these people who believe any means are necessary to be in control ARE finally in control, what kind of people do you expect to be in control? We’re on the plane of Ideas here, that is all, it isn’t a “political” skirmish or something. This here we’re speaking of is a specific type of ideology, and for those of us who are off the reservation (or plantation) at least, it’s up for questioning. People who believe in sacrificing morality for power. Once they have power, do you think that morality magically starts being something important to them?

You’re probably so shaped by their capital that you are a moral relativist and talking this way is nonsense to you. Yeah, you’re a spiritual Jew. Everyone whines about the church they were raised in. What do you think this cathedral is that we talk about? It’s a synagogue. And it’s not made for you. It’s made for them. You are taught to believe things for their advantage, not yours. If there was one thing you could call “the church of Satan” it is their secular synagogue of the modern day. Are you happy being one of the people who are sacrificed in that synagogue? How many Hodos’s are there? Almost all Jews are fine with you being sacrificed, they just let it happen, and usually actively encourage it. All they care about is themselves, that’s how narcissistic they are, and all you are is a serf-cham to them, and we’re living in a new Pale. And you won’t say anything against it, you never do, because you’re living in their world. You’ll be even less aware pretty soon of your condition of inhumanity they deliberately impose. Five years ago before the rabid amplification of their engineering of you, you were probably more human than you are now. Five years from now? Your descendants? There isn’t a chance. You all sold out, and the only one who cared about you stopped seeing any hope there.

“There is hope! There is!” I have to say these things for you. In reality, most people have given up hope, that’s why they’re silent about these various questions. They are owned and on a plantation, and they know it. Is there hope? I find it in these various banned books that most are too busy reading ZOG propaganda to care about. It’s like if I gave someone a C on a paper and instead of doing better they decided to get a 0% next time instead. People like you were never meant to “think for yourselves”. If you want to be one of those who do that then start formulating how to create a new church, because people really need church, myself included. That’s another nuance here- the “separation of church and state” doesn’t exist. People need a place to go outside of the establishment. I’m such a cladistic Christian I still say “Jesus Christ..” I can’t even imagine what it would be like to gather once a week with the people who wrote these banned books I link to.

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