Ahh, so he жид’d the жиди, that’s how he did it

A strange book is it not

Eisenmenger’s father had offered Spinoza a chair in philosophy at Heidelberg.

I’m going to do this with the Chabad I swear

Look at the bitterness of this from the Jerusalem Post, they really loathe this guy

the most extensive biography available is an impressive but brief study posted to Wikipedia by a 12th-grader in Braunschweig, Germany. 

Oh this is awesome

He uses their gematria to fortify his own arguments – ha!

Some people say they don’t like “epic trolls” and I have to disagree with them.

His tome was seized by the “government” and wasn’t released until 40 years later.

For context, Luther wrote On the Jews and their Lies in 1543.

Finding lots about the history of the Talmud here. Written in 1903, go figure.

This is Shmakov’s estimation after naming a dozen anti-Talmud writers

Let’s just note that the worst hit for the kagal was Eisenmeiger, who was the first to expose the secrets of the Talmud and, moreover, with the greatest talent and with unconditional truthfulness.

Looking for more on Eisenmenger on the Rusnet I find an article that mentions a possible place to find further substantiation for Shahak’s arguments

Why does our society seem so “strict”? Well, the kagal cabal.

On the being of the PDF

What is the kagal?

an organized system of oppression of the individual by the community, corporate exploitation of the Christian population and stubborn alienation from everything non-Jewish

That Brafman book was published 34 years before the Protocols and seems similar. This one, a converted Jew.

Good enough for him good enough for me

I like to find like-minded people

Not you, smoothbrain

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