Who would have ever expected that someone like me would try to help Jews

only the kagal grants a Jew all the rights of a full member of the Jewish community, just as it alone has the right to deprive a Jew of them. 

Wouldn’t it be amusing if there was a “silent majority” among them too? From what I’ve determined there’s no a high probability of that. Most of them live in too much of a state of emotion to disalign from the kagal. Even “spiritual expat”-wise. I don’t think whites are too different. It’s why I don’t see reason to bother anymore, even the best ones are at an emotional level beyond reason aligned with the kagal. You’re just a nigger who follows orders, good riddance. Let me deliberately delude myself into having hope once again though, 10,001st time’s the charm, isn’t that the saying? Let me try to think of a reason I should believe in people… All the people who have been banned. I don’t know where they are. That itself makes me think everyone is doomed. I don’t think most of the ones they allow in public are masters of disguise or something, they’re just doing the kagal’s bidding. Once again, on an emotional level beyond reason. It’s one of the reasons they’ve remained in public, not because they’re such good liars, no no, it’s because they actually believe in the kagal. So that’s what we have to deal with these days. You’re either a sell-out to the core or I don’t know where to find you anymore, those are the two types of people I’m expected to find value in humanity in, and one of them is disappeared. Really nice option they give us eh? Almost makes you want to betray the kagal. Yeah right, you’re bought and sold–forever. “When you don’t believe in me that makes me decide to not care.” No, it’s the other way around- you’re such a sell-out that I don’t care. Let’s be real, even the banned ones were pathetic too. Okay, you like to fucking meme, what is that going to do? Either way, people in forgotten books are more entertaining than any of you. “I like status in the world!” Have you ever considered what status the world itself has? Why care what status it gives you? The world is a niggerkike, better make sure to be favorable in its eyes! “What else is there?” Mocking you for what you are. Objects with worthless existences. “The world doesn’t approve when you say that.” And you care about the world because… you are similar to it…?

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