Back again so soon? Do you have a personal favorite way of coping to convince yourself I’m wrong? No one sees you the way I see you, America, it won’t be good if I leave you to fend for yourself. You need to learn how to deconstruct this place from the pinnacle on down instead of beginning at the second or third tier. Otherwise you’re only theorizing through the lens of the pinnacle. I feel like a hidden security camera almost. You’re up to no good and in your periphery you catch me watching you and swing your head around, frantically determine you’ve been seen, and run off–and that’s when the coping starts. Many lowly criminals don’t feel guilt, after all they were only doing it to survive. That’s fine- just so we know what you are – I like to call things by their right name. There is an eye that hovers above the pinnacle and it is watching you.

I’ll try to explain it one way. Many people thought they had invested themselves in the aristocracy

We’re at a steady fluctuation between 4. and ochlocracy. People were “imprinted” to perceive that as aristocracy. Or to use a more everyday term- meritocracy. They either don’t want to or can’t “renew” their imprint. So what they end up doing is surrendering to the oligarchy and mobs and telling themselves they’re at the aristocracy stage of the cycle by doing so. No, the chances are that you are a member of one of those mobs. People were young and trusting when they were imprinted, can’t blame em. One can try to give them a wake up call, that’s about it. They’re designed to serve the regime they’re in. Part of their design is to believe they were designed for an aristocratic regime. No, you’re only serving the plutocrats and the mobs, and then patting yourself on the back for it. “Well if I have to live in this regime shouldn’t I be happy while doing it?” The happier you are, and the more in denial you are that you weren’t designed for a decadent phase of the political cycle, the more time before we begin our ascent to a more aristocratic regime. So pat yourself on the back for serving Big Greed and the illiterate rabble, you’re only keeping us here in their grip by doing so. And you probably can do no other because you’re greedy rabble yourself. I tend to agree with Machiavelli’s view of human nature, that people are cowardly, capricious, hypocritical liars, so I don’t expect the greedy rabble to ever admit that’s what they are. “Thou art that.” Maybe you’re thinking “Give me a break, I’m reading what you’re saying, would an irredeemable dirtclod even bother to go that far?” Want me to answer that honestly? Deconstructing from the pinnacle down is perfectly within your faculties and I might as well be a fortune-teller to anticipate that you will read this and uninterruptedly continue interpreting the world from the 2nd or 3rd level of the pyramid. It’s because you sincerely believe that your imprint was designed for an aristocratic regime. Anyone who is off the reservation, i.e. above the pyramid itself and scrutinizing it from that angle, sees that what is guiding you is made of plastic, is only a well-crafted illusion of aristocracy. You can’t see that if you were designed to look up at it. That presupposition is off. The reality is that it is something to look down at. And again, your design is probably such that you look down on anyone who doesn’t look up at it. Many imprints never fade. So many people were farmers only a few generations ago it’s no surprise they are the way they are now. “Om jus a simpul guuurl, don’t take much to ennertain meeee.” A slow drawwwl of the cognitive processes, rural inclinations. “Gubmint ain’t affectin me nonnne.” It in fact is. Even if they go above the pyramid, they take the pyramid with them. Aristotle was right about “natural subjects” (euphemistically speaking). The pyramidal base that sits in the ground, foot-shudras, they can grow a head alright–and it will be shaped as a foot. A heart if they’re lucky. If we want to actively oscillate out of this regime then more need to emanate above the pinnacle. It hypnotizes you to be content as its base. In reality it has no objective authority, it’s only convinced you to convince yourself that it does. It’s reminiscent of a tribalistic fear that keeps people away, a superstitious taboo. The summit of the pyramid is ritualistically dismissed as impure, unclean, as a spiritual pollution, a boundary that is not to be trespassed. It’s almost like it’s seen as an altar which has the sole purpose of sacrificing anyone who journeys to it upon. “Why go there? The destination is death.” It’s a suicide-bomb, that’s why. No suicide, no murder. It’s an end in itself, you can’t understand the value of that looking at it from the base.

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